Fresh Setback in Alaafin Selection Process as Nine Royal Families Protest

A fresh setback has hit the ongoing selection process for the new Alaafin of Oyo, as nine other royal families have come out to protest for inclusion, claiming they are also entitled to the throne.

It has been repeatedly reported by that the Alaafin of Oyo stool became vacant as a result of the demise of the 45th Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Atanda Olayiwola Adeyemi III, who reigned for 52 years and joined his ancestors at the age of 83 in 2022.

Information has revealed that 119 aspirants were shortlisted for the enthronement process and submitted by Baba Iyaji, the head of princes in Oyo, to the Bashorun of Oyo while only 57 people were interviewed.

The nine royal families in the town who said that they had been sidelined noted that there is a pending court case challenging the selection process.

The families then urged the state governor, Seyi Makinde, not to approve the appointment of the new monarch until the pending court case is resolved.

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They made the demand while addressing a press conference recently at Akinmorin town near Oyo.

The nine royal families are: Adeitan family, Olanite family, Tella Agbojulogun, Tella Okitipapa family, Adediran Ese Apata family, Adesokan Baba Idode family, Adesiyan family, Abidekun family and Adelabu Baba Ibadan family.

They were represented by Prince Adesina Afolabi (Adeitan family), Prince Lamola Olanite (Olanite family), Prince Nureni Taiwo (Tella Agbojulogun family), Prince Remi Azeez (Tella Okitipapa family), Prince Raji Adediran (Adediran Ese Apata family), Prince Muftau Adejare Adesokan (Adesokan Baba Idode family), Prince Adesiyan (Adesiyan family) Prince Bello Rasheed (Abidekun family) and Prince Agboin Adelabu Adelabu Baba Ibadan family, at the press conference.

According to them: “We are using this opportunity to thank the governor for his commitment to promoting good governance, transparency and accountability in our state. We urge him to continue to prioritise the well-being of the people and always uphold the rule of law in all matters.

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“In essence, the request is for the governor of Oyo state to refrain from taking any further action regarding the selection of a new Alaafin until the court case that has been filed against the chieftaincy declaration of the Alaafin is resolved.

“This is to ensure that the process of selecting a new Alaafin is conducted in a transparent and just manner, as stipulated by the law. It would be unfair to appoint a new Alaafin while the court case is still pending.

“It is important that the governor recognises the significance of the traditional institution and ensures that a fair and just process is followed in selecting the next Alaafin.

“Therefore, it is important for Governor Makinde to maintain the status quo and respect the autonomy of the traditional institution until the court case is resolved. This will not only ensure a smooth transition process but serve as a testament to the governor’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and promoting justice and equity in the state.

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“It is essential that Governor Makinde prioritises the resolution of the court case before any action is taken with regard to the appointment of a new Alaafin. This will ensure that the process is transparent, fair and just, as required by the law.

“Gentlemen of the press, it is time to put an end to the years of discrimination that has plagued the selection of the Alaafin of Oyo in the past.

“The nine Atiba children have been marginalised for too long, and it is only fair that they are given a chance to ascend the throne. We urge the governor to make history by selecting the new king from among the nine Atiba children.”


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