How I Was Attacked by Traducers, Accused of Witch Hunting for Enforcing Fair Distribution of Staff — Oyo Tutor General

The Tutor General, Oyo State Post Primary School Teaching Service Commission, Ogbomoso Zonal Office; Mr Olatunde Sulola has explained how he was accused of witch hunting and being harsh, while trying to return normalcy to management of schools in the town.

Recounting his attempts to rectify teachers’ actions of insubordination such as truancy and abandoning duties which eventually attracted the fury of the State Park Managers who attacked his office, Suola said he would not relent until fairness is ensured.

Some traducers had mobilised some park managers and attacked his office thinking he was in office last Tuesday.

In an interview with onlineogbomosoonline, Suola revealed that upon resuming office, he noticed there were many abnormalities going on in the schools under his supervision.

Some of the issues he raised in the interview include; uneven distribution of teaching and non-teaching staff, inpunctuality among teachers in schools, defiance to code of conduct by teachers and workers, disobedience, absenteeism of staff, among others.

The case of the uneven distribution of staff across schools in the town as well as laxities experienced at the expense of the students’ learning had involved a local government chairman.

Shola had this to say: “I asked him on that very day, I want you to give me the list of names. Ogbomosho has about 2,700 teachers. If I can only have about five or six of them, maybe, then what you are saying will be plausible.

“For example, I was in Ori-Oke Community High School, which has twelve non-teaching staff, when so many other schools are not having a single one. The principal there has three typists, when most of the schools around do not have a single one. Even at the TESCOM office, we have a single typist but she (the principal) has three typists and two messengers when most of the schools have no messengers at all. Her school has two lab attendants and four clerical officers. How will a school with 600 or 700 students be having 12 non-teaching staff?

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“So, when I got there, I said this is very strange, I won’t allow more than a single typist to remain here, the others during the holiday will go to other places. My dear brother, is that witch-hunting?

“Two messengers in the school do nothing. One is always doing his Okada business (commercial motorcyclist). He is always on the street yet he receives a salary. I told him if you are a messenger, what are you ‘messenger-ing’ here? What are you doing here? Come to the TESCOM office! Is that witch-hunting?”, he added.

Suola who emphasised that ensuring distribution of teaching and non-teaching on a fairly equal basis based on the students’ enrollment figure, is one of a tutor-general’s major duties, cited another disturbing situation he found in Odo-Oba.

“Obada in Odo-Oba is another example where the school has 1,214 students, 14 teachers, five vice-principals and one principal making 20 but Ori-Oke has 45 teachers with 600 students.

“Again, Ogbomosho Girls High School has 27 corps members, a school that is not supposed to have more than five.  Now, 17 of them work with the secondary school and 10 were illegally posted to primary schools, yet TESCOM is the one paying their money. Is TESCOM (Secondary) and SUBEB (Basic/Primary) the same thing? Why will I not report such a case? Why will I not try and stop such things so that the needful could be done.

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“I have not even withdrawn the corps members. I said we will wait till during the holiday time, so that by the time we resume we would have done the needful. So, if people don’t want to work at all but they want to be receiving a salary and they feel it should continue like that, no problem, I am not from Ogbomosho. I am from Oyo.

“There is a particular person in Ahoyaya or so, we went to the school and demanded his lesson note which he said was at home. We asked him to go and bring the lesson note. When he brought it, it was last written in May, last year. He was begging me and I said go and update the one for this term and make sure you continue to write the lesson note.

“I was in a place – Iro Community Grammar School, there was a lady there and she had not been in school since one and a half years, and she was receiving salary, no file in the school, no file in the office. I repeat, no file in the office, no file in the school.

“There is a particular man in Ajaawa Grammar School or so, Obalade or something, he has been receiving salary but has not been going to school, nothing to show for that, no letter of appointment of a political post nor has he been given study leave with pay yet he is receiving salary.

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“How do you now ensure punctuality?  How do we ensure others go to school and do the needful? Corps members in Ajaawa barely go to school, at least around 30 of them or so. When they do, it is around past 9, 10am thereabout, indecently dressed in crazy jeans and slippers, with bogus inscriptions, different write-ups, the ladies (corps members) dress with their bodies exposed, this is strange to me.

“So, I couldn’t just stomach it than to start correcting them, and if that is why they are now saying that I am somewhat being too harsh on them, I would find it strange likewise because when I came in newly, I engaged the principals and vice-principals, I think I told them what I wanted to do and the mode of operations for our schools. When we come back and they do not do as expected, we will frown at it.

“It has not been more than that, but if anybody has complaints about a particular thing I have done that is against the ethics of the profession, let them come up with their evidence.

“There is no time that I go out that supervisors do not follow me and sometimes we do record what we do. I have the video clips of most of my engagements with people and if you want them, I won’t bother giving them to you”, he added.


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