Open Letter to Oyo State Governor by James Ajibola

I am elated to write this open letter of applause and revival to you as you launch impressively to your 100 days in the office. I keenly watch how all and sundry sing praises of you throughout the period of your 100 days in office which I tag “the honeymoon”.

By tradition, you are the husband to all the dear people of Oyo State, irrespective of levels or statuses; hence, I congratulate you on the Successes recorded during the honeymoon (100 days).

I could remember vividly when people are seeing you as political prostitute moving from one political party to another, most of us presumed it wasn’t your doing and that you probably never wished for something of such; but it was boldly written on the walls that some people actually played political gimmicks to swap the ticket that should have been earlier handed over meritoriously to you and this left you with no options than to look for another enabling platform to actualize the dream of taking Oyo State to the zenith.

During the Baba Lam Adesina Era, I was then a youngster, but not a toddler; I recall things were not as worse as they are now. Sequel to this, I would like to briefly recap the era of Rashidi Ladoja, Alao Akala, and Abiola Ajimobi.

You will agree with me that the common slang that rented the air during the reign of Ladoja was ‘Ladoja de, idẹra de! Indeed ‘Idẹra’ came to Oyo state indigents, but I can state unequivocally that the issue of godfatherism from the Late Lamidi Adedibu contributed to the downfall of his government, if and if Ladoja run an inclusive government by making use of the media judiciously to keep the people of Oyo state abreast with the state of things including financial status of our dear state, the cry of the masses could have saved him from the cabal, but I agree with the school of thought that his personal interest caused him to bend while standing to the extent that those who ganged up to sabotage his government were able to plant bugs in his cabinet while the then number two citizens of our dear state was in an hurry to become the number one.

The saboteurs achieved their aims, they got him out in order to buy time and strategize his downfall, they allowed him to come back to complete his tenure and rigged him out of office at the poll in 2007. Here comes the Mr. ‘Oyato’, Christopher Alao Adebayo, indeed his style of governance was different (Oyato) and many enjoyed his government.

Akala’s government can be likened to that beautiful woman who had enjoyed her fruit of labour while at the pregnancy stage, (Ẹni to jeun omo n’le oyun). They enjoyed and embezzled the money meant for the generation unborn in the name of awarding contracts. The man enjoyed the company of people that matter in Oyo State during his reign because everyone that had a knife was able to cut out of the general cake that belongs to us all.

Mr. Christopher forgot that he won’t be there forever. Today, nothing could be recorded that he did to be remembered for. EFCC was once chasing after him and his contractors while everything became silent when he joined our dear ‘holy of holy’ ‘Saint’ APC’. Internal problems in the PDP then like Baba Adedibu son wanted to vie for gubernatorial, Akala wanted to return, Ladoja was angry that it was of no concern for him whether he won or not, but Akala must not return and many more led to the emergence of ‘koseleri’.

Mr Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi was full of actions, Goodwill and enthusiasm to bring our state from the way it was to where we want it to be. Permit me to point out that his re-election in 2015 was not as a result of excellent performance in his first tenure; rather he was a beneficiary of a political mood of that time. Everybody wanted APC at the national level and that positively affected majority of those vying for one position or the other under APC platform.

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Ajimobi, a onetime senator made the people of Oyo state to lose interest in government and governance of our state. If only he knew that one day, the word ‘Ex’ will be added to his title; maybe he would have threaded softly. When a man thinks he’s right at all time, he doesn’t know how to bridle his tongue, talks in the public with the mindset of “who wants to query me?” and other haughty attitude which are enough to cause one’s social colossal fiasco.

Apart from non-payments of salaries not to talk of pension, security challenge, poor education plan and feeble economic policy characterized your predecessor; pride was another attribute of the man in question.We are not forgetful of what he did and said against Yinka Ayefele as reported by BBC Yoruba when his music house was demolished, what about the LAUTECH students’ engagement with the so call father and Governor?, to mention but a few.

It’s worthy of note that while your predecessors were struggling to put us back in track and your competitors busy hijacking gubernatorial tickets, you were committedly investing your sweat in the masses via diverse humanitarian and philanthropic activities.

Mr. Sèyí, you are now a Governor and it would be invaluable to say that you should not think it’s the high time for you to recover all you have spent since 2007 that you started contesting for various offices till 2019 that you finally won; it won’t be possible to make any difference you are known for. Throughout the days of your late father, Pa Olatunbosun Makinde, he was a righteous Man; a man of his words. To be honest is not complementary enough to say your father was an easy going person; his humility was second to none. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

He never hid the truth for the sake of personal gain, I challenge anyone in doubt of his personality to go and check his record at Bishop Oyebode Memorial Anglican Church (BOMAC). Mr. Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde, you resemble your father in giving which I pray that God will continue to help you to do more.

As a matter of fact, I got to know the demise of your father when I had financial problems in school, I called my father to please meet Pa. Olatunbosun to borrow us money so I can pay before sales of the form closes, I remember it was direct entry form I wanted to buy at that time. My father can’t say a world rather he was rendering a tribute to your father that if indeed he was alive, he would come to our rescue.

I want to congratulate you on the success and the smooth sailing throughout your 100 days; while I will also advice that you make Oyo State great and you can only succeed when you see Oyo State as a project that needs financial help not as a pool that need to be drained.

Bring in brains and experts that can complement your activeness, not politicians that want to enrich themselves, remember that some people betrayed you in the past, they collected money and gave ticket to undesirables and undeserving elements to represent their party at the poll, but as God would have it today you are where God said you would be. You should not be surprised that people of such characteristics are still in numbers in Oyo State, don’t make a mistake by putting the termite at the helm of affairs; rather look for likeminded individuals.

The voice that rented the air is ‘Seyi o sekan ri eje seyi o seyi’, now to the glory of God you are there now… I pray you won’t let us down.

One of the chieftains of Afenifere social cultural organization said at the run off to 2019 election when he was asked to comment on the spurious comment made by one of the political office holders. The octogenarian said many of the so called politicians were born into democracy and good governance, I’m not surprise because majority of them have been affected by the virus in Aso Rock. If I may ask, is there virus in Agodi too? If there is any, please equip yourself with anti-virus.

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Everybody will claim and they are already claiming you are their person and you belong to their party to the extent some of the PDP chieftains praising you that you did honorable thing by declaring your assets. Sir, everybody claims to be associated with what seems to be the best, once you give them rooms to meddle in the affair of our dear state, they will take more than what you can give and they will request more than you can offer.

If it’s possible to sign affidavits with your commissioners and other political appointees to pledge and support with everything they have for the growth of Oyo state; please do, while you must also lead by example. Another great asset you have is that; you have the youngest speaker; as if that’s not enough no one can come out and say he is your godfather.

Pictures released on your Twitter handle couples of weeks ago attested to your presence at the 2019 Holy Ghost 67th Convention held at the Redemption Camp, a testament of how faithful God will be to your administration. Please, be reminded that you alone can’t do it, encourage your political appointees to be prayerful in all ways either Muslim or Christian because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
It is on record that, during your campaign, you have never snubbed the Muslim camp and their various meetings in Oyo State; don’t stop extending hands of love to them.

Remember that both Muslim and Christian are ONE. Abraham is Ibrahim, Joseph is Yusuf, and Jesus is Isa while Allah is ‘Olúwa wa’. Mr Governor, this act of tolerance will bring peaceful co-existence and foster unity among all of us in Oyo because you are a role model to many.

Don’t give room to anybody whatsoever, irrespective of the status and stature to soil your integrity for personal gain, remember that “he who comes to equity must come with clean hands”, if there’s a dent in your image, the political critics will capitalize on it, they will hold you hostage, they will use that to milk you and Oyo State, they will render you useless in the face of those who truly respect you; all in turn for their selfish gains.

If you shun corruption and embrace transparency with honesty, belief me sir, the ‘ìyá mopo’ will pray for you, the ‘eegun ile’ will appease gods on your behalf while the ‘oosa oja’ will never stop advocating for your smooth sailing.

Also get ready for the antics of the opposition, they won’t see any good in your struggles to bring Oyo state back to where it belongs; be prepared and ready just as the Christians prepare for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m optimistic that very soon there will be free and fair election to fill the position of local council chairman; an election that gives room for qualified political parties and candidates under the law to participate without fear; election that represent the wills and wishes of the people.

Our yesterday has gone, let us all join hand together to make our today worth living in order to affect our tomorrow effectively and efficiently.

Finally, His Excellency, Oluseyi Abiodun ọmọ Makinde may the good Lord continue to be with you, guide and guard you, give you the required knowledge, wisdom, understanding and strength to serve the people of Oyo, but remember that this current position is not forever while OYO SATE IS AN ENTITY THAT NEEDS FINANCIAL HELP TO GET TO WHERE ITS BELONG, TO BEAR ITS ORIGINAL NAME AS A PACE SETTER NOT A POOL THAT NEEDS TO BE DRAINED.

God bless Nigeria
God bless Oyo State.

James Ajibola writes from Ibadan

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