Agitators for Yoruba Nation Sack Sunday Igboho’s Spokesman, Olayinka Koiki

The Coalition of the Agitators for the creation of Yoruba Nation has announced the sack of Olayomi Koiki as the spokesperson of Chief Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho.

Speaking on behalf of the coalition, popular Yoruba poet and vlogger, Akanda Oro Awikonko made this announcement on Tuesday night during a Facebook live show on his personal account.

According to Awikonko, Koiki’s suspension was necessitated due to allegations of gross misappropriation of funds, greed and numerous controversial statements credited to him.

He said, “If Koiki responds to this threat, I promise to dismantle him and thousands of engineers will not be able to fix him. I have always known that something was not right but I decided to keep quiet so as not to be the architect of disruption. However, if I continue to keep quiet, things will soon go out of hands.”

“Chief Sunday Igboho, I apologise because I know you really love Koiki and you might see this as a slight. It is imperative however that I do this so as not to offend God.”

“Olayomi Koiki has been a topic of controversies for a while but I decided to ignore it.”

“You remember the issue with Maureen when she was attacking Koiki, the lady had her facts right and that was why I tried my best to ensure she didn’t talk.”

“Henceforth, on behalf of all the agitators in Yoruba land, Koiki is no more the spokesperson for Chief Sunday Igboho.”

Awikonko further threatened to come against Koiki if he puts out any more statements on behalf of Sunday Igboho.

His words, “If Koiki put outs any statement on behalf of Chief Sunday Adeyemo as from now, I will attack him and other agitators will do the same.”

“This is because the honour and respect we give to Koiki is because of Sunday Igboho and now he has overdone things.”

“I will say a little of what Koiki has done since he became the spokesperson.”

“I decided to keep quiet for so long so as not to create an image of internal crisis. But if someone keeps being selfish and greedy, then we have to cut down his wings.”

“Let me start from here, since Koiki became the spokesperson for Sunday Igboho, a lot of controversy has been trailing the Yoruba activist. He has made Sunday Igboho to be caught in instances where he said things he should not have said or he intentionally goads Sunday Igboho to make controversial statements.”

“Anyone who would act as a spokesperson needs to have the experience and ability to guide the person he is representing but that is not the case with Koiki.”

“Many times, Sunday Igboho won’t make a statement and Koiki would go out to say he said it.”

“Koiki is self-centred, a know-it-all who never sees anybody else’s idea as good or valid.”

“Let me say this to all Yoruba people home and abroad that all donations made to Koiki do not belong for him personally and not for the Yoruba nation.”

“Nobody installed him or employed him, he volunteered to do it and we decided to let him do it since it’s for the cause.”

“Every poster, handbill and t-shirt done through the donations of Yoruba people worldwide were attributed to Koiki Media as if Koiki made them all with his money.”

“On Saturday when we went to Ekiti for the rally, something happened that most of you are unaware of. The first is that one of our vehicles was involved in an auto crash and is a complete write-off. Also, about 3 vehicles broke down on the road. When we needed more buses for transport and we asked Koiki about the vehicles bought with the funds donated by the people, he couldn’t account for none.”

Speaking further, Awikonko alleged that Koiki diverted funds donated for the creation of a radio station for the Yoruba nation to his own purse and created a radio station for himself.

His words, “The second thing is the creation of a radio station proposed by Koiki. He called for help and people rose to the demand. They said that about 18 million naira was contributed for the creation of the radio station. When I heard, I said never. It couldn’t be because I know the Federal Government will never give such radio station a license.”

“Also, it is not possible, in Nigeria, to have a radio station that transmits to the whole South-West and even to Kwara State due to same frequency in different states. I advised then that it would not work and should not be done. Koiki was adamant and said that he would create a special walkie-talkie device that would be used to listen to the radio.”

“After the creation of the radio station, we expected the presenters to be members of the coalition but that didn’t happen.”

“Afterwards, he said nobody gave him money for any radio station but for his media platform and now he single-handedly manages the radio.”

“Whenever we call for accountability and the need for checks, Koiki will wave it off and say, let’s be focused.”

“If we don’t handle this before it boomerangs, it will become something else.”

“Sunday Igboho does not need a spokesman!”

“The only way Koiki would be the spokesperson is only if he would be the only one agitating for Yoruba nation.”

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