Makinde’s CPS lambasts APC Over Insecurity

…says they should shed tears for how bad Buhari’s Government has been

The Chief Press Secretary to the Oyo State Governor; Mr. Taiwo Adisa, has called out the All Progressive Party (APC) over the deteriorating state of security in the country, saying the party is full of well-known propagandists skilled in blame shifting.

Adisa was reacting to criticism of Seyi Makinde over the state of security in Oyo state by members of the opposition in the state while featuring on a live radio programme in Ibadan. He urged the All Progressives Congress (APC) to cry to the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Government over the unwholesome security situation he had plunged Nigeria into. He also criticized that the cluelessness and inability of the APC-led admin to proffer meaningful solutions to insecurity which he said, is killing the country.

In his words: “Are members of the APC talking about security in Oyo State? They should be crying about the government they have put in Nigeria. They should be shedding tears about the government they have imposed on Nigeria. There is a government that was given every power to act and decisively do things and that government is busy shedding crocodile tears in Abuja. And you want members of that government to open their mouths and be talking about the government that is working in Oyo State? No, they don’t have the right.”

“They should go to Abuja and complain. They should go to Eagle Square in Abuja, carry banners and tell their President that he is not working. If any APC member opens his mouth to talk about insecurity in Oyo, what that means is such member is shameless. In a viral video, a member of their party representing Kogi West, Senator Smart Adeyemi, a good man, was shedding tears few days ago because of the insecurity situation in the country. They should join the lawmaker in crying. And if they really want to do well for this country, they should go to Eagle Square.”

“I can show them the road that leads to Eagle Square in Abuja because I know there. Let them sit down there and be crying and tell President Buhari not to allow the children they put in Greenswill school and some other schools to be kidnapped; they should tell the president not to allow the people of Benue to be killed in IDP camps; don’t allow the people of Enugu to be killed in their homes and don’t allow herdsmen to be parading about the country.”

“APC members should focus on Nigeria and what is good for the country. They don’t play politics with insecurity. They should go to the Eagle Square to campaign for a good Nigeria from Mr Buhari.”

Adisa also scored the present Oyo State government high on its achievements in the health sector and said: “We have over 600 of the primary health care centers that are in terribly bad state, which we inherited. All of the doctors and nurses that were supposed to be there ran away because there was nothing to work on.”

“When we came in, Governor Makinde looked at it and charged the Ministry of Health to ensure refurbished infrastructure in all the places and they came up with humongous amount that the budget of the state for two years cannot accommodate. And the governor said what would be done is, we have 351 wards, which are closely linked together (500 metres or a kilometre within themselves), and when people vote, they can easily trek to those ward headquarters.”

“On election day, you see people trekking to those places, which means that when you have health challenge, you can easily get your person to those places. So, he said 351 health facilities in the 351 wards will be fixed within the tenure of this administration and how are we doing it? In one fell swoop, we are doing 299. They have started work as I speak. We have commissioned some 16 of those primary health centers.”

“Let me also say that they are not just refurbished but repackaged, restructured and reconstructed. Now, we are doing 299 right now and by the end of this year, you will see them starting work. They are already ongoing. We have fixed Adeoyo on Ring-road, even within our 100 days in office. Saki General Hospital has not just been reconstructed, rebuilt and repackaged, but upgraded to a Specialist hospital and the government of Oyo State moved there to commission it openly.”

“It was supposed to be an isolation centre in the heat of COVID-19 pandemic but the governor said it should be expanded to the extreme level so that when the pandemic goes away, it will still be of use to us. Fortunately for us, the pandemic had gone down by the time they were finishing. So, it never even served as an isolation centre but I can tell you that it is now a Specialist Hospital. It is bigger than the Olodo that we have here in Ibadan. It has almost 200 bed that we have turned it to. Even the Okere of Saki was so much happy about the development that he sent a team to come and appreciate Governor Seyi Makinde here in Ibadan.”

“I can also tell you that we have fixed Igbo-Ora Hospital. Any other hospital you talk about, you have to visit those places physically because I know that the Ministry of Health is working on a lot of hospitals. So, we are doing well in the area of Health, so also in the area of Agriculture and Education.”

“On education the CPS stated: “Around 400 schools in the state have already been worked on; the same thing with the TETFUND. You just saw that we recruited 5,000 teachers and we are still going to recruit more people. Today, just this morning, the TESCOM Chairman was in this studio and told you that it is only 20 people that have problems and the other 4,980 people have collected their letters.”

“In the next 24 months, you will see the administration of Governor Makinde commissioning a lot of projects, completing a lot of roads. As we speak, we have done close to 400 kilometers of roads in Oyo State. We are going to commission Moniya-Iseyin road. We are also going to commission most of the roads we are working on.”

“My advice to the people of Oyo State is to stay true to the government they have installed. They should not listen to fake news because it is the handiwork of people that want to destroy the state and the country. If the people hear anything, just like we have been saying, they should say something. Security is the job of everybody in the society.”

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