Alaafin Stool: Olawoyin Royal Family Calls on Oyo Govt to Ensure Inclusion in Race

The head of the Olawoyin royal family, Prince Tijani Olawoyin-Atiba, has called on the Oyo State government to ensure that princes from the family are captured and recognised in the selection and appointment of a new Alaafin.

Prince Olawoyin-Atiba who stated this on Monday during a press briefing in Oyo Town also stated that it is the turn of their family to produce the next Alaafin of Oyo.

Recall that the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, died on April 22 at the age of 83 and the stool has been vacant since then.

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He said their progenitor, Alaafin Atiba birthed 21 male children contrary to the assertion from some quarters that he birthed 11 children, to deny other children the opportunity to contest for the stool.

Olawoyin-Atiba said the names of the male descendants of Alaafin Atiba are, “Adelu, Adelabu, Adesiyan, Adeyemi, Adediran, Adejumo, Olawoyin, Tella Agbojulogun, Ala, Adewusi, Adesetan I, Adeleye, Adesetan II, Adedotun, Afonja, Agbonhin (Allah ni basiri), Tella Okitipapa, Ogo, Momodu Adesokan and Adejojo.”

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He further stated that Alaafin Atiba did not leave behind any instructive decision banning or excluding any of his male children from contesting or ascending the stool when vacant.

“To this end, I make a passionate plea to the Oyo State government to toe the line of justice by ensuring Olawoyin royal family in conjunction with other male descendants of Alaafin Atiba are not only captured in the declaration but also recognised in the selection and appointment to fill the vacant stool.”

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In attendance at the press briefing were; Prince Ahmed Olawoyin-Atiba; Prince Yinus Abiodun Olawoyin; Prince Ismaheel  Olawoyin; Prince Yusuff Olawoyin-Atiba; Prince Rasheed Olawoyin; Prince Abdulganiyu Olawoyin; Prince Ismaheel Olawoyin; Princess Fatimah Olawoyin-Omolakanbi and Princess Bello Olawoyin.

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