Amotekun Expels Criminal “Bororo” Herdsmen from Aleniboro Village, Saki

The Oyo State Amotekun Commandant, Colonel Olayinka Olayanju has announced the expulsion of herdsmen perpetrating criminal activities from Aleniboro, Saki, Oyo State.

According to the Commandant of the Corps, the herdsmen, often referred to as Bororo emigrated from Niger State to perpetrate criminal activities in Oyo State. When apprehended, the officers recovered various dangerous weapons from them.

The commandant said, “the men in the pictures are Bororo whom we captured at the Saki village. The village is called ALÉNIBÓRÒ. They emigrated from Niger state to cause trouble in our state. We collected different dangerous weapons from them like charms, fetish swords and arrow, axes, padlocks and bulletproof shirts. The materials we collected from them filled a bag of rice.”

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Col Olayanju further added that after the three days expedition, the criminals had been sent out of the state.

In his words, “We then moved them out of our boundary to Kwara state. The village we moved them to is called KOBO. When we dropped them at that area, the head of that village also led them with his men out of the village to another state. We spent three days in that bush to clear the area.”


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