Farmers Record Losses as African Swine Fever Hits Oyo, Ondo, Others

Farmers were reported to have recorded losses following an outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF), a biggest killer of pigs, in Oyo and Ondo States.

According to The Nation Newspaper, this is as a result of the inability of health authorities to control the disease following increase in illegal slaughtering of infected animals.

The Managing Director, No1 PigFan Nigeria Limited, Mr. Femi Malomo, maintained that the outbreak of ASF has hit the industry and many states were reeling under the threat of the disease.

He called for enforcement of strict control on the trade of pigs, piglets, and pork products as part of containment measures.

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In the words of Malomo, who is also the National Secretary, Pig Farmers Association of Nigeria (PIFAN), there was the need to encourage farmers and operators of abattoirs to adopt biosecurity measures.

He maintained that the outbreak of ASF may affect the industry, when the country is trying to strengthen pig production taking into account nutritional, food security and livelihood issues.

“One of the reasons we continue to have African swine fever is because the Ministry of Agriculture and the veterinary officers are not doing their jobs. They allow slaughter slabs to continue to kill sick animals across states and local governments. They should be inspecting vehicles that carry animals and demand for certificate of health. The current wave of ASF is moving away from Ogbomosho, down to Ibadan, Osun, Ogun and Lagos States. It has ravaged Ogbomosho and its environments. It is very much active in Oyo, Ologuneru, Ejigbo, and Ondo State. It is still rampant in Iwo.The economic impact is huge.

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“In 2020, farmers culled thousands of pigs due to ASF infections that affected the region’s biggest market for the animal. At least 200,000 pigs were culled from farmers as a result of ASF infections in Lagos and Ogun states. The losses were computed at N10 billion”, he stated.

In the meantime, Malomo indicated that the spread of ASF was taking a worrisome turn, as it has in recent weeks jumped states’ borders, warning that the disease will inevitably spread farther.


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