2nd Year In Office: The Gains, Uncanny Logic In Makinde’s Strides On Infrastructure

By Mayowa Okekale

Thinking well is wise whilst planning well is wiser, but doing well is the wisest of all. The Governor of Oyo State, Engr. Seyi Makinde has practically proven that quality is never an accident but the result of an intelligent effort.

It is no longer news that Governor Seyi Makinde is laying infrastructure as vital base for the socio-economic transformation of Oyo State economy. Those who are conversant with the developments in the state also know that the preoccupation of the current administration is anchored on four major pillars; Education, Health, Security and Economic expansion, in which infrastructure development plays a critical role.

Undoubtedly, infrastructure creates the form of a city and enables life to go on smoothly for the people. To a great extent certain, Governor Makinde’s administration, within two years in office, has been able to touch the ground, having put in place outstanding infrastructure, which has brought about positive contributions to the growth of the state’s economy.

In making sure that the dividends of his democracy get to the doorstep of everyone in the state, the governor is redefining local government administration in the state. Scholars have described local government administration as one of the civic affairs of a city, town, or district by its inhabitants. Before now, the LG has no Commission in the state but Governor Makinde has ensured the construction of Modern Office Complex for Local Government Service Commission and Local Government Staff Pension Board within the secretariat to enable them to carry out effective work in a suitable environment.

This, however, is seen as a journey to make a real impact that changes lives, give meaning to life and living, and turns the vision of the masses into realities. He has shown utmost zeal and an unfailing tenacity to do whatever necessary within the powers and reach of a true leader, and with all needed dexterity, wit and wisdom, to make a real impact have meaning and give real liberation to the masses.

No gainsaying that Governor Seyi Makinde has etched his name in gold in Nigeria with tremendous transformation around the state. The reconstruction of Ancient Akesan Market engulfed by fire is a reflection that he is passionately committed to providing succor to the good people of Oyo State when such need arises. The modern market is equipped with modern facilities such as parking space for cars, a mini police post, space for mini bank branches, a mini food court, customary court, administrative building, waste facilities, and adequate sanitation facilities to cater for the traders and visitors.

In addition, while the market will be a good source of internally generated revenue for the state through taxes and levies on economic activities in the market; it will serve as a meeting point for residents, visitors, and tourists; and will propel the local economy, attract wholesale merchants from across the country and elevate commercial activities, which will have a multiplier effect. Akesan market will also attract investment in other sectors of the state economy and provide a conducive and secure environment for commercial activities in the city of Oyo.

Governor Seyi Makinde came with the mindset to revamp the state’s economy, promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and resuscitate industrialization. If you watch keenly, He is focused on creating wealth, improving living standards, and reducing poverty. As a result, He has not only shown considerable interest in the construction of many roads but also remodel, reconstruct the dilapidated and moribund infrastructure in the state.

Among others, let me also put some words down on the reconstruction/expansion of Challenge Roundabout, with Traffic Control System, Modern Bus Terminal, Ticketing Area and Side Attraction Park; Ultra-Modern Bus Terminal project in Iwo Road, Oojo and Challenge, Ibadan. All of these are projects that would enhance the socio-economic activities of the state and ease the movement of people and vehicles in the state capital.

Furthermore, the construction of befitting state-of-the-art modern bus terminals across the state capital, when completed, will ease the movement of travelers and give them an experience in bus transportation that is second to none in the country. The terminals will be equipped with facilities such as passenger waiting and ticketing offices, drivers’ lounge, parking facilities, shopping facilities, eateries, ATM galleries and other conveniences.

Inhabitants and visitors of Oyo State will also enjoy and tour the state more. With good transport regulations, Oyo State Internally Generated Revenue will increase, flagrant disobedience of traffic rules and regulations will be a thing of the past with this initiative; the economic advancements will create employment opportunities for specialists in the field; create jobs for the teeming youths in the state.

The bus terminals also to be known as transport interchanges, will not only address problems associated with transportation in Ibadan but also address security issues and provide a better livelihood for the teeming youths.

We should not forget in a jiffy another amazing project – the procurement of one hundred and six mass transit buses, aimed at enhancing intracity mobility and complement the fleet of buses from the Pacesetter Transport Service.

For effective inspection and issuing certificates for vehicles’ roadworthiness, proper maintenance of road and highways, training and testing drivers for driver’s license application, the administration of Governor Seyi Makinde made a provision for the new Computerized Outstation of VIO Department under the Ministry of Public Works and Transport along Agodi Quarters.

Resuscitation of Apete/Awotan Landfill Site to accommodate biodegradable energy for the environs and Akufo Farm Settlement; construction of the first concrete road in Oyo State at Apete/Awotan area; construction of 2 Fire Stations at Igbo-ora & Oyo; construction of 10,000 metric tonnes of grains silos deposit at Awe, Oyo; modification/junction readjustment of Iwo Road including Stop-Over Terminal and Entertainment Hub to enhance effective operation of the market business of the environment; resuscitation of Ijaye Aspart Plant for the use of Oyo State Road Maintenance Agency; decongestion of Gate/Agodi Junction through a pilot scheme Okada/Tricycle Park; construction of Amotekun State Security Network Headquarters at Moniya; refurbishment of Cassava Processing Facilities at Ido Local Government; rehabilitation of OYSADEP secretariat to OYSADA secretariat, after 20 years of redundancy.

Road construction in Oyo State has the construction of a new roadway and the conversion of an existing unpaved road to a paved road, relocating, clearing, constructing, or reconstructing many roads across the state such as 65km Moniya to Iseyin road; 21km Airport Amuloko Ajia road; 12km Apete to Akufo road;12km Akala express to Apata; 7km Idi ape, Akobo, Odogbo barracks road; 10km Saki township road; 45km Saki to Igboho road; 6km Sabo Gedu Oroki road.

Part of these are also the upgraded Infectious Disease Centre; upgraded Agbami Chest Clinic; upgraded Adeoyo Hospital, Ring road; upgraded Jericho Specialist Hospital; junction improvements work at Challenge to Idi odo; completion of OYRTMA HQ at Sanyo; rehabilitation of Asunle and Apete dumpsites, Agbowo Shopping Complex.

There are many ongoing infrastructure projects under two years of Governor Seyi Makinde in Oyo State which includes the Operation Light-Up Oyo State with smart LED to ease night movement and curb marauders; New ICT Hub at Mokola is under construction; ongoing renovation of Agbowo Shopping Complex to boost the economic development of UI – Agbowo axis; approval for New GRA along Lagos/Ibadan expressway to give the state a smart city outlook; new Abuja Liaison Office Construction, under provision to upgrade to a more standard State House; reconstruction of BCOS Staff Quarters to pave way for more presentable GRAs; ongoing power plant project around secretariat and its environs, just to mention but a few.

Based on the aforementioned, one can deduce that Governor Makinde symbolizes good governance and putting wise thought into prudent action in a way that will continually advance the well-being of the good people of Oyo State. GSM, as fondly called, has been able to show the world that his roadmap for accelerated development of the state will advance and make the state a better one.

Mayowa Okekale is the Technical Assistant (New Media) to Governor Seyi Makinde

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