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Legend of Adegboro, the Head Porter

Legend of Adegboro, the Head Porter

Popular among the Yorubas is an adage which says: “Eni ti o le se Alabaru L’oyingbo, ko le se bi Adegboro L’oja Oba” and this literarily translates to mean someone who cannot be hardworking in Oyingbo market, cannot be famous like Adegboro at Oja Oba. This adage trails the life and times of Adegboro and it is basically used to caution the younger ones and to educate them on the need to imbibe the spirit of hard work.

Adegboro was born in Ibadan, Oyo state but just like most hardworking, energetic and focused Yoruba youths; he later left for Lagos in search of greener pastures. On getting to Lagos, he couldn’t get a good job as he had earlier envisaged before leaving Ibadan for Lagos. In order not to be idle, he thought about what to do to earn a living and thereafter chose to be carrying loads (Alabaru) on his head at Oyingbo market. He was so hardworking that after months, he was able to save up.

Few years after, he bought a cart from his savings and this eased the pain of carrying loads on his head for commercial purposes. The cart also increased his income and he was able to acquire six more of its kind, which he in turn rented out to others.

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Having being in the cart pushing business for eight years, Adegboro bought a van which a lot of people referred to as BOLEKAJA. He took a step further to learn how to drive, so he could always handle his business by himself.

Due to his hardworking and saving attitude, Adegboro was able to increase the number of vans in his possession to six, after running the business for four years.

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As a true son of the soil, Adegboro returned to Ibadan where he built a magnificent building at OJA OBA, when it was time to put a roof over his head. Adegboro who was a slave in Lagos, became a wealthy man in his town due to his hard work and this paid him in the long run.

Many people at this period approached Adegboro to show them the secret behind his success. He simply asked them if they could carry loads on their heads in the market to earn an income, but their response was always never. He too would spontaneously say “ENI TI O LE SE ALABARU L’OYINGBO, KO LE SE BI ADEGBORO L’OJA OBA”

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One of the important lessons to take away from the chronicles of Adegboro is that lasting wealth doesn’t come with ease, it takes years and consistent effort to make it in life. As individuals, we must endeavour to shun the get-rich-quick syndrome which has been the order of the day and instead embrace hard work and persistency.

In Life, to endure is to achieve and a lasting wealth is built overtime in a small bit but in a persistent way. Always remember that tough times don’t last but tough people. Therefore, be consistent in whatever you do and success will always be yours.

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