Makinde’s aide slams APC over BCOS Quarters

The Oyo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has been cautioned to learn the full facts before peddling falsehoods to avoid being embarrassed.

Governor ‘Seyi Makinde’s Chief Press Secretary gave this warning in a Saturday statement, describing the Oyo APC’s intervention on the planned conversion of an expanse of land and parts of the BCOS Staff Quarters to a Government Residential Area (GRA) as “needless, uninformed, half-baked and irresponsible”.

Adisa also expressed his surprise at the APC’s sudden interest in BCOS staff, noting that the immediate past APC government in Oyo State had sacked/prematurely retired many of them and frustrated them with their myopic policies and unpaid salaries/pensions.

He further opined that the eight years of APC rule in Oyo State had been unkind to BCOS staff and that the hypocritical concern they were expressing for the staff members was all for political gain, also stating that the APC should simply have sought more information before meddling in a situation they knew little about.

He also added that unlike the past APC administration, the current administration had the best interests of Oyo residents/workers at heart and would always ensure that policies implemented always improved Oyo State.

The proposed conversion of the staff quarters to a GRA, he said, is intended to develop the city of Ibadan further, increase Oyo State’s IGR, and most importantly, reduce the city’s housing deficit.

According to the CPS, the BCOS management and the developer have already agreed terms and arrangements for the current occupants of the staff quarters have already been concluded. He also stressed in the release that the BCOS quarters and the land it’s built on belong to the government, and that the planned conversion to a GRA was for the benefit of Oyo State residents.

He explained that contrary to reports being peddled by the APC, the buildings currently inhabited by 36 BCOS staffers have not been demolished and that any rumours otherwise are false, adding that the only demolished structure was dilapidated and unoccupied.

“Of course, no reasonable government will demolish a building that is fully occupied,” he said, adding that the developer has already agreed to compensate the Quarters’ 36 residents, while also giving them enough time to get alternative accommodation.

Adisa also promised that the developer will leave the BCOS Chapel, Mosque and another building untouched and that the government is making additional arrangements to ensure the long-term security of the BCOS staffers.

He also said that developers and investors increasingly see Oyo State as a good place to do business and that shows that Governor Makinde has succeeded in his promise to rebuild public trust in the state, again telling the APC that their false rumors would not succeed in swaying the public against the current governor.

He warned the APC that their desperation to regain public trust after mismanaging state funds for eight years was a waste of time, advising them to learn how to play opposition politics properly.
In his words: “One read with amusement the error-laden, misguided statement of the Oyo State APC on the needless controversy surrounding the conversion of the BCOS Staff Quarters to a GRA. It is funny how APC leaders, after mismanaging Oyo State for eight years and destroying public trust, can seek to turn around to become advocates for the institution they reduced to its lowest ebb.

“While one will like to advise the APC to learn to play opposition politics responsibly, the party should stop disgracing itself by coming up with incoherent thoughts and misdirected positions that easily belie their renewed interest in the welfare of Oyo State people, whom they dehumanized with several inhuman policies for eight years.

“The APC should have sought information and get clear perspectives of the development at the BCOS before alleging that the government failed to complete whatever it intended to build and relocate the families living in the BCOS Staff Quarters before it is demolished, because as of now, the buildings under occupation at BCOS have not been demolished.

“It was, however, good that the Oyo APC could not disguise its main intention, which is to further advance its hatred against the Makinde administration.

“Coming up to accuse the administration of policy somersault sold the party out as still smarting from the unexpected loss it suffered at the polls in 2019.

“We sympathize with APC over its loss and wish that it would move on and learn how to play opposition politics responsibly, because the party will have to be contended with that role for a long time, as Nigerians and residents of Oyo State cannot afford to continue with the untold hardship brought upon the country by the APC leadership.

“Sadly, Oyo APC has been over-reaching itself talking about 2023 when it is obvious that it is already on a lost cause, as the government of Engineer Makinde has redefined governance and has been endearing itself to the people with focused leadership and sound policies that deliver maximum value to the people of the state.”

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