Oyo Govt Introduces App to Monitor Waste Management

The Oyo State government has introduced a mobile application for improving and tracking the collection of waste in the State.

This was revealed by the management of Oyo State Waste Management Consultant, Mottainai Recycling in Ibadan, on Thursday.

The Chief Strategy Officer, Mottainai Recycling, Ms. Uloma Airhienbuwa said the new step is geared towards simplifying waste management in the pace-setter State.

She also said that the easy-to-use application will help in tracking the ‘movement and management’ of hazardous and other solid wastes.

According to Ms. Uloma Airhienbuwa, the waste management app, which can be downloaded on all smart devices play store, is designed with user convenience and sustainability in mind, offering several key features to facilitate waste and recycling pickup requests.

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She added that the app, called Mottainai- Waste & Recycling is free for download, on Apple and Google enabled devices.

“The app also offers clarity on when your waste is picked up, and by whom; and an ability to pay your waste bill. The link is ”, Uloma Airhienbuwa said.

Speaking further, Ms. Airhienbuwa hinted that it also has a fun and transparent way of incentivizing waste sorting.

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Her words, “the app has a User-friendly Interface: The app provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows waste generators to easily navigate and make pickup requests with just a few taps.”

“Users can initiate waste pickup requests through the app by specifying the type of waste, quantity, and preferred pickup date and time. Users can either make this an on-demand request or create an ideal pickup schedule for themselves. This feature enables efficient scheduling and coordination between Mottainai and users”, she added.

“The app incorporates GPS technology to enable users to locate their specific waste-pickup location”, Ms. Airhienbuwa asserted.

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“To incentivize waste sorting, the app incorporates a points-based system. Users earn points based on the accuracy of their waste sorting and responsible disposal practices. Accumulated points can be redeemed for various rewards, such as discounts on waste management services, or donation to a charity organization of your choice”, Airhienbuwa added.

Ms. Uloma Airhienbuwa added that the app is continually being developed to ensure users a seamless experience for pickup requests, tracking the progress of pickups and payments and receiving rewards.

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