Resident Narrates How Oyo Policeman Helped Recover Lost iPhone

A resident of Ibadan, the Oyo state capital city has showered encomiums on an officer of the Oyo State Police command for helping him recover his lost iPhone.

The man, named Akinola Abdulakeem took to his Twitter handle to describe how he met what he described as “the first good Nigeria policeman”

According to Abdulakeem, his iPhone XS Max fell while he was in transit and he didn’t notice until he got to his destination.

In his words, “I met the first good Nigeria policeman today!

“Today at Ibadan, my iPhone XS Max fell while I was on a bike, I did not notice until I got to my destination and when I did, I immediately tried to ring the phone with my other phone.”

“It went through so I was a bit relieved. However, the person who found it didn’t pick up, I tried the second time too, so he picked and Lol, as always in Nigeria, he started pretending like the network was bad and he can’t hear me.

“So I brought out my Mac and opened find my iPhone.”

Abdulakeem, who is a software engineer, said the phone fell at Jericho and when he started tracking the phone with his MacBook, he discovered that the man who picked the phone was already along Iwo-Road and was in motion.

He subsequently got on a bike to follow the man. The bike was stopped at a checkpoint. The policeman on duty noticed his disturbed countenance and asked what was wrong with him.

He explained the situation and the policeman immediately sprang into action.

He collected the key to their patrol van from his colleague and told them to fill in for him till he got back.

Together, they continued tracking the phone and with the aid of the laptop, they were able to locate the man.

He said, “When we got very close to him, amidst the crowd the policeman was following me under the hot sun as if the phone was his. I was really surprised. He asked me to call the phone. I did and the guy brought it out of his pocket.”

On sighting the man, the policeman gave chase and the man started running away. The sergeant finally caught up with him, collected the phone and asked him why he didn’t describe his location to Abdulakeem so that he could have his phone.

Abdulakeem said the man panicked upon arrest and couldn’t say anything. The Sergeant asked Abdulakeem if he wanted him to arrest the man on grounds of attempted theft.

He declined.

He said, “The guy is already miserable and scared so I told the police to leave him and we should go. Just glad I got the phone from him.”

On getting back to the police checkpoint, Sergeant Oliver handed Abdulakeem his phone and told him he could go. Abdulakeem reached for his purse and attempted to give the policeman N3000 but he refused the money.

Abdulakeem said, “when we got back to where he followed me, he handed over the phone. I reached for my purse and brought out 3k. He refused the money.

“😭 I begged him to have it, he still refused. I just want him to know I am very grateful and I’ll always pray for him.

Abdulakeem expressed surprise and confusion as he said that was the first time he would meet a policeman who did his job without expecting anything in return.

“He saved me my job, I’m just confused. He didn’t give me his number, but his name was Oliver K.

“God bless you, Sergeant Oliver 😭🙏.”

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