Stop Parading as a Muslim if You Won’t Stop Promoting Alcohol — Islamic Clerics Warn Femi Adebayo

Various Islamic clerics have warned popular Nollywood actor and film producer, Femi Adebayo against parading as a Muslim if he cannot uphold the tenets of Islam.

This is coming as a result of the Nollywood actor’s promotion of alcohol on his social media platforms and his endorsement deal with International Breweries Plc, which produces Trophy beer.

Fee weeks ago, a Muslim scholar, Amir Qamarudeen Ajala had admonished Femi Adebayo over his promotion of alcohol.

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Barely days after Femi Adebayo was called out over his promotion of alcohol, the Nollywood actor again defied the warning to sign an endorsement deal with another alcoholic company, Kubanah Whiskey.

In a recent update, Sheikh Mikfab took to TikTok to advise the actor to stop promoting Hajj if he can’t stop promoting alcohol.

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  • That’s a good advice for him, he call his self alhaji u promote alcohol that’s totally rubbish. Don’t use Islam guide ur self as a Muslim…if you want to be a Muslim be a Muslim in full of ur heart.if not be a acholic religion