Veteran Yoruba Actress Anike Alajogun tests positive for Coronavirus

Veteran Yoruba actress/producer, Alhaja Anike Alajogun, who lives in London and works there as a nurse, has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Alhaja Anike Alajogun, aka Yeye Oba, retired from acting in Nigeria to become a nurse working with the NHS in Manchester, UK.

The UK cum Naija socialite, who is the owner of the popular Mataan Hotel, Ibadan, Oyo state, was infected with the virus while working and treating patients in the UK.

She reportedly took the Coronavirus test after she realized she was not feeling well and the result came back positive.

She has been battling COVID-19 since last week and has been placed on compulsory two weeks self isolation.

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  • Ok, first of all, she didn’t retire from acting to become a nurse.
    Secondly, she doesn’t have corona virus.
    Get your story right and stop trying to get views on your page

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