APC and their Candidates are the Greatest Threats to the Future of the Entire Oyo State Students by Abiodun Oluwaseun Laurel

The huge success achieved by the Administration of Engr. Seyi Makinde in the educational sector within 3 years has exposed the wickedness of the APC and all its candidates in Oyo State.

Statements from their candidates at several interviews on education and several students related matters have further cement their place as enemies of progress which is why they are best kept as opposition party in the State.

Leadership involves making sound — and sometimes difficult — decisions, creating and articulating a clear vision, establishing achievable goals and providing followers with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve those goals.

One would have expected those throwing themselves at leadership positions to at least understand what these offices entails and the rudiments of governance. Alas! The statement of the APC Deputy Governorship candidate, Dr Okunlola during a radio interview against the decision of Governor Seyi Makinde to relax the “No Tuition, No Exams” Policy in LAUTECH shows that Sen. Teslim Folarin and his gang of oppressors are up to no good for the future of Oyo State.

It is on record that the draconian administration often called the “PHARAOH REGIME” led by Mr. Constituted Authority who found joy in the enslavement of Oyo State students and citizens to please madam, and his over inflated ego ruined the smooth running of tertiary institutions in Oyo state by slashing subventions, irregular payment of salaries and subsequent increment of tuition across board whilr the economy of the state was at its lowest.

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It is on record that the Pharaoh Regime sent a lot of Oyo State Pensioners, retirees, LAUTECH staff and State workers to early and untimely death more than Covid -19 in Oyo state. As if that was not enough, they ended the education of so many students abruptly, retrenched a lot of workers, refused to pay salaries, depleted the State account and inflated the budget and awarded so many contracts on madam’s interest.

One would have expected Dr Okunlola who was part of the workers instigating several actions including protest against the administration Ajimobi to first of all appreciate Governor Seyi Makinde for paying his (Dr. Okunlola) backlog of salaries and bringing stability back to LAUTECH, if truly he has the interest of the masses at heart. But the reverse is the case for Dr okunlola who has joined his weak forces with a failed 3rd term Senator with nothing to show for to come enslave the people of Oyo State.

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As it stands, students are the ones suffering the most from the crisis caused by APC, first from ASUU, and poor funding of the Educational Sector coupled with the destruction of the Nigerian Economy, Insecurity, Inflation, fuel scarcity and Unemployment when they are supposed to be enjoying free education, available job openings, a dollar equal to one Naira as promised by the APC.

Setting the records straight and to enlighten the masses on future misinformation, lies and propaganda of the APC below are






•Health care

. Manuals and Course Materials


Thereafter students still bear the brunt of harsh decisions from the management, wasted efforts and elongated time on campus together with several harassment and threats from various quarters of the University Community, Considering the bouts of depression suffered by students and staff of the institution in the hands of Governor Ajimobi and the APC, No parents, staff and students should queue with the oppressive APC candidates again.

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Empathy and compassion are essential qualities of Governance which was why the peoples Governor considered the request of the indigent students who had already lost gracious times in the institution to write their exams and pay up the tuition before they get their certificate.
In addition to this the No Tuition, No Exams policy came to be when salaries and subvention was not paid and the institution was directed by the APC Administration to find a way to survive, This harsh policy made several students to drop out and rendered them useless on the street with the ravaging insecurity crisis in the country. Several stakeholders of the institution discussed and pleaded for a better alternative than to continue to operate the No Tuition No Exams policy.

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