Makinde Set to Commence Rehabilitation of Igboora-Idere Road

The Oyo State Governor, ‘Seyi Makinde has revealed plans to commence the reconstruction of Igbo-Ora to Idere road to facilitate easy movement from Ibarapaland to other parts of Oyo State.

Makinde stated this on Tuesday during a Town hall meeting with stakeholders in Eruwa, Ibarapa Zone.

The governor noted that the road is important in the government’s plan to integrate Ibarapaland into the wider economy of Oyo State, hence the need to embark on the task.

In his words: “We have 5 major zones in Oyo State – Ibadan, Ibarapa, Oke-Ogun, Oyo and Ogbomoso. Ibarapaland where we are today straddles Oke-Ogun and Ibadan. Of course, we have a local boundary with Ogun State and an international boundary with the Republic of Benin.

“So, to integrate Ibarapaland into the wider economy of Oyo State, two critical links are needed. One to link Ibarapa to Oke-Ogun and the second, to link Ibarapa to Ibadan.

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“To link Ibarapa to Oke-Ogun, Iganna is the nearest town in Oke-Ogun, we have started that road. I have personally inspected it. It has been done to Eleko kan and from Eleko kan to the Ibarapa North extending to the boundary of Ibarapa North to the central, we have awarded it and the contractor has mobilised to the site.

“From Ibarapa Central in Igboora to the border past Idere, I will sign it when I get to Ibadan this evening. By the time we are coming for the state flag-off of campaign in Igboora on the 7th of January in 2023, the project would have gotten to a point that can be appreciated by everyone.

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“The other critical road which is Eruwa-Ibadan-Ido, first, I inspected the Eruwa-Maya road this morning. You can use it. There are two critical roads from Eruwa that can link Igboora. You can pass the inner city and join the federal road. You can go from Eruwa to Maya and take left at that junction to join the same road.

“One of those critical roads has been awarded and the work is ongoing. I inspected it this morning”, he added.

Meanwhile, Governor Makinde further noted that the development of the Eruwa farm settlement will begin in the first few weeks of January 2023.

“Another thing which is important to me as a ctizen of Ibarapa is the Eruwa farm settlement. We’ve earmarked the money but we want a proof of concept. We don’t want a government whereby we will start various projects without completing any.

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“We took up 2 projects at the same time but I said that we should use Fashola Agribusiness hub as a proof of concept to learn the lessons we need to learn. We have done this at Fashola. By the time we mobilise to Eruwa, the work will be faster because we will make lesser mistakes since we have learnt our lessons at Fashola.

“The mobilisation, by God’s grace, will be within the first few weeks in January 2023”, the governor pledged.


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