EYI MAKINDE: Striding On With Giant Mental Magnitude by Uncle B- The Oracle

Initially, when this genius strode on political landscape, the doubting Thomases thought it was another game of lovey-dovey. But the torrential cumulative packages emanating from this young soul depict that governance is over and above expression of mere infantile amateuristic infatuation. The man really loves his people and with total preparedness,he seems not to be looking back.

At inception, he sacrificed the totality of his salary to the pensioners, probably to immortalize his father,who suffered untold hardship from the then power that be.

Our children in public schools now smile home with textbooks and writing materials without payment of fading, school fees inclusive. Efforts are now on high gear for the renovation of Primary Health Care (PHC) centres throughout all the electoral wards in the state.

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On or before the 25th of the month, payment of salaries and allowances continue unabated. The pensioners now look smarter, healthier and fresher than of old due to continuous payment of their monthly stipends as against the old order. Oyo State is now more lighted than days of old. Vehicles with adequately equipped modern gadgets are supplied in large numbers to the Police for security improvement in the State. Handling of COVID-19 Pandemics and the resultant palliatives was second to none in Nigeria by this God sent redeemer.

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Systematically and serially, our roads are receiving attention. Through his endowed initiatives, the state moribund economic establishments are being attended to with Public Private Partnership approach. In various sectors, employments have been made and just yesterday, youth empowerment got boosted with 5,000 employment opportunities with additional take off grant in the tune of 1billion naira!

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What a leader! What a governor! What a meticulous stride within a little space of time!!!

Kudos to GSM.


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