Feminism and Equality in marriage are Against God’s standard – Mike Bamiloye

Christian Film Producer and President of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Pastor Mike Bamiloye has rebuked Pastors’ wives who fight for equality in their homes and in the ministry

The pastor who spoke earlier today via his official Twitter handle said that fighting for equality in the home was a movement that questions an aspect of the word of God and as such originates from the devil, the hater of the Marriage instituted by God.

Pastor Bamiloye went on to add that this act by these women has led to weakened foundations of many ministries as it was what he termed ” adulteration of the sacredness of the institution called marriage”

The famous movie producer emphasised that some ministers of God just allow peace to reign in their homes, so as not to raise the dust that would “sink the sailing boat”

His words, “some pastors’ wives are feminists, fighting for equality in their homes and on Pulpits.

“They have weakened the Foundations of their Husbands’ ministry and seriously adulterated the Sacredness of their Marriage.

“Some Ministers of God just allow PEACE to reign in their Home, so as not to raise the dust that would sink the Sailing Boat.

The “PEACE” in some Ministers’ homes is a Camouflaged Peace, because the head of the home is submissive and doing everything the Wife insists should be done.”

He warned of the danger in the seed of rebellion and stubbornness being planted by such wives into the heart of their children.

He added, “but the terrible inherent dangeris that a terrible seed of rebellion and stubbornnessis being unconsciously sown into the children’s heart,which would gradually begin to blossom uncontrollably.”

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