Osun, Ekiti Elections will determine 2023– Makinde

Oyo state governor; Engr. Seyi Makinde has revealed that the two Offseason elections coming up in the Southwestern states of Ekiti and Osun will play a vital role in determining the fate of PDP and the entire nation in the Southwestern region.

Makinde who made this comment at the official Inauguration of the Zonal executives in the PDP South-West zone at the Oyo government house, Ibadan, on Wednesday also disclosed that for the Nation to move past the current insecurity and economic meltdown that has bedeviled the country, the PDP must do all within it means to win the two elections.

In his words: “If we look at the setup nationally for the PDP, Southwest is in the same situation as North central. The strongest zone so far is the South-south geopolitical zone.”

“For us in the Southwest, it is time to ensure that we take our rightful position and before the general election in 2023, southwest is the only Zone that that has two offseason elections, you can see your job has stayed for you. We have two offseason elections. And let us step back for one minute, if the PDP win the two elections, what do you think will happen in Nigeria in the National election in 2023?”

Governor Makinde who is the only PDP governor in the Southwestern region of the state has been a major opposition of the APC in the state and has consistently taken jibes at the form of governance run by the APC at the Federal Level.

Speaking further at the inaugural ceremony, Makinde held that come 2023, the All Progressives Congress at the National will be dislodged and the PDP will become the ruling party.

“Yes, as written in the Newspaper, the National leader of APC said APC will be in power beyond 2023. It’s a big Lie.”

“Let them hear that from this Southwest PDP congress the redemption of Nigeria has started. Nigerians are tired of all the misgovernance of APC at the National level. Is it Insecurity? Is it economic meltdown? Is it aloofness of the entire leadership of government at the national level? Is that what given them the assurance of continuing beyond 2023? Nigerians will not take that.”

“And we in the PDP Starting from the Southwest, we’re ready to Provide Leadership for Our country. So, on behalf of all of us, now your followers and your fans in PDP southwest we want to wish a successful and rewarding tenure of office.”

Elections in the two states of Osun and Ekiti are predicted to take place the early and latter months of 2022 and both elections are expected to be a turning point in the Southwest Political Structure.

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