Police, Igboho Lied to Justify Fulani Eviction from Ibarapa – Seriki Fulani

The Seriki Fulani of Igangan, Seriki Abdul Kadir has said that the police deceived him about the arrival of Igboho’s thugs and that, had he known they would come that day, he would have fled with his families and other valuables.

Recounting his losses during a press conference in Ilorin, Abdul Kadir charged the federal government to intercede in the destruction of his properties, which included 11 exotic cars, 207 cows, his buildings and other properties, amounting to N500m destroyed by Mr Sunday Adeyemo and his thugs, further requesting that they are brought to book for their crimes.

The Octogenarian, a Fulani native of Ilorin from Asa local government area in Kwara state, added that even if the federal government intervenes, chances of him returning to Igangan land that has been his home for over 50 years, is slim, as possible attacks by the residents of Igangan, still scares him.

He noted, “Few days to the time the destruction would happen after Sunday Igboho had given me an ultimatum, the police came to my place and told me that I shouldn’t worry because Sunday Igboho will not carry out his threat or do anything to me. It is on this strength that I relaxed because I believed the police.

“If I knew that Sunday Igboho would come and attack us the way he did, I would have left with all my family members and properties in peace, and they would have met empty houses to destroy.”

He also denied allegations of him plotting with kidnappers adding that he knew nothing about the killing of one Dr Aborode, emphasising that these allegations were falsely concocted by Igboho just to seek self-validation in evicting them from a land, they have lived all their lives, and other territories of the Yoruba tribe.

“My family and I have been living in Igangan for over 50 years without any challenges from anybody either in Igangan or any other places,” Abdul Kadir explained.

He called on the Emirs and traditional rulers in the 19 northern states to rescue Fulani residents in the SouthWest.

“He equally called on the federal government to probe the burning of his house, vehicles and the killing of seven of his men in Igangan by alleged agents of Sunday Igboho.”

He added: “When a Fulani boy named Omomogeto was reported to me that he raped someone, I told the vigilante to arrest the Fulani boy. When he was arrested, I investigated the matter and discovered that he committed the offence; I handed him over to the victim’s family.

Also, a young lady was raped by an indigene of Igangan last year to the extent that the young lady died in Igangan, nothing was done to the man who raped the young lady.”

“As for cases of Farm destruction that was brought to my desk, I always sent investigators to go and make their findings, and if their reports validate the claim, I enforce payment of compensation from the Fulani herdsmen to the Farm owners; i.e. the Agoro family in Igangan and many more. I keep detailed records of these activities.

“On the issue of killing of one Dr Aborode, I don’t know anything about it. Where Dr Aborode was killed is very far from my village. It’s about two hours drive to my village; you will pass through Igangan town before you get to where I am.

“Finally, I want the federal government to investigate this matter, and anyone found guilty should face the law. My houses, 12 vehicles belonging to myself, my children and some visitors were burnt, and seven of my people were killed. The corpses of two were yet to be found, and some of my animals were carted away.”

He said “given the conspiracy by the police with the natives of Igangan, my people and I will not feel comfortable returning to Igangan. We even learnt that the government had deployed over 200 Amotekun personnel to the forests in Oyo.

“Who will these Amotekun men meet in the forests other than the Fulani,” he rhetorically asked.

He recalled that relationship between him and the people of Igangan went sour when the natives lied against him to the monarch that he was plotting to take over Igangan lands from him and he believed them.

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  • Iro ni yio pa iwo seriki yi. Yoruba bo won ni eni ti o ba npa iro yio j’ale. Iwa tani yio mu mi ti o ti nhu lati ojo yi wa de opin. Eyin odaran jatijati yi. E lo po si wa,iya leo ba ni be.

  • Iro ni yio pa iwo seriki yi. Yoruba bo won ni eni ti o ba npa iro yio j’ale. Iwa tani yio mu mi ti o ti nhu lati ojo yi wa de opin. Eyin odaran jatijati yi. E lo po si wa,iya leo ba ni be. Yoruba melo ni o nhu iru iwa karanbani ,iwa jaguda ati ajinigbe ti eyin nhu ni orile Ede Yoruba ni İle fulani ni North,Yoruba melo lo nji eniyan gbe,pa eniyan,ba ere oko won je nibe ti yio fi ara ree lo?. Sugbon,a’oore sunii se ni eyin iran alaimoore yi. Afi ibi su oloore ni yin.