SafeBoda; Future of an impending metropolis.

The accessibility of transportation in a state, region, or country, is one of the factors that determine their economic strata in the ranking of socioeconomic affairs. The availability of transport; not just transport but quick and affordable transport, is a critical good that benefits to economic existence or industrial importance of a region.

A Ugandan bike hailing service must have seen the future of a state like Oyo, most especially the economic projection of her capital city, Ìbàdàn, and decided to exploit it for the good of their pockets and the greater good of the people of Ìbàdàn. The big question should be, what would have made SafeBoda ignore other commercial capitals of Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, and Kano, and settle for a south western state that is known for just landmass and educational milestones.

As opposed to popular notions, and school of the new school thought “There is nothing in Ibadan for graduates, no job opportunities…” But if there are no job opportunities, why would a bike hailing service open her first major business, in a country like Nigeria, in Ìbàdàn? The reality is SafeBoda is projecting into the future, and are investing in the future — the present reality of Oyo state is leading towards the headline of this article.

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What role does transportation have to play in the scheme of society, and the advancement of the same society? In a society like Ìbàdàn, that houses a huge landmass it is important to be able to reach your destinations as quick as possible, and what’s a better means of such reality than a bike hailing service, equipped with modern-day facilities bordering: customer care service, google location services, safety gears, and technology. SafeBoda was created for a city like Ìbàdàn, with her ability to reach everywhere on the map, and places that are not yet on the map, for the cheapest of prices — for people from varying age class. The ability for commuters to get to their destinations within the space of minutes is a dream to a particular state in Nigeria; but a living reality in Ìbàdàn, Òyó state.

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Looking at the economic development going on all around Ìbàdàn, it will suffice to say that under the next decade Ìbàdàn will be home to exponential growth, with huge relevancy economically, now imagine such growth happening and you don’t have an efficient transport system to match such strides. It is within this same reality, I feel SafeBoda is working tirelessly to make sure, their brand is not only the first of her kind in Ìbàdàn but the first tailor-made for accessibility and affordability to every nook and cranny, transcending every social class there is.


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