Akala Had Faint Premonition That He Would Pass On — Grieving Aide

Diran Odeyemi, an aide to the former governor of Oyo state, Adebayo Alao-Akala, has said that some action and words spoken by the recently dead APC Chieftain just before he died, showed that he probably had a sense of foreboding that he would pass on to the world beyond.

Speaking about his last moments with the former governor, he said his boss spoke about the vanity of life and how a good name and legacy should be the hallmark of service to humanity.

“How do you start writing about the obituary of a man you saw bubbling with life three days ago and hearing he passed on the fourth day,” he wrote in an emotion-laden post on Facebook.

Continuing, he wrote, “What can I write, where do I start from about a man who God used to make me whatever I am today?

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“Death has made a double mistake, taking away the wrong person at a very wrong time.

“Death, why must you take away the kind-hearted leaving behind the wicked or did you not know that Akala was a different human being christened ‘Oyato’ because ‘O meto’ Death why why?

“My Oga, my mentor, is that the end? Just like that? You broke to me (on Sunday) the death of your friend ‘Solo’ and you talked about vanity of life.

“Could that be a passing message to me?

“Oga, but we were together on Sunday, laughing, joking as usual! You were not sick at all, your were bubbling and was full of life in your usual character.

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“Oga, you did not give us any sign that you would soon join your creator when we were together just this last Sunday now why why
Were those words of wisdom and lectures that “Governance is all about the welfare of the masses” and that “Good name and legacy should be the hallmark of service to humanity” meant to be a premonition?”

Odeyemi took solace that the deceased left “good name and legacy of service to humanity” and a “clean bill that erased what could have been a dent” on his name by detractors who dragged him to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Alao-Akala died in the early hours of Wednesday at the age of 71.

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