Facts against Mischiefs By Politicians Masquerading as Muslim Leaders Against GSM

It should baffle any Conscious Muslims when those we have always seen as Models and leaders descend in the ring armed with lies and rumor to achieve a political point. The noise against GSM on religion matters will fail because it is not a fight for Muslims but selfish interest of a few individuals who felt their livelihood is treathened at the expense of generality of Muslims. This same state Chief Abdulwaheed Adebayo Adelabu was supported by Leadership of Oyo state Muslim Community as APC Candidate against PDP Candidate, GSM in 2019 . GSM with Permission and Blessing of almighty Allah won unprecedentedly. Prelude to 2023 Governorship Election, Chief Bayo Adelabu is still a Muslim but on the platform of Accord Party.

However, Senator Teslim Folarin is now the Candidate of APC. Our brothers have left Chief Bayo Adelabu for Sen Folarin. Has Bayo Adelabu ceased to be Muslim? People should asked why they dumped Adelabu for Folarin. Do they really fight for Islam? The answer is NO.

I wish to provide Facts on Mischiefs they designed to hoodwink unsuspecting Muslims with responses to 11 reasons not to vote for GSM by Prof Olaiya and other related matters.

1) On Political differences Between GSM and our Father High Chief Rashidi Ladoja. No human Either Gov or any political office holder dead or alive has been good to our revered Leader, High Chief Rashidi Ladoja as GSM. He Named most Important and costliest Infrastructures in the state after High Chief Ladoja. The Circular Road around Ibadan worth hundreds of Billions and a Highbrow GRA on Lagos Ibadan Expressway. GSM has never ceased to refer to him as His Father. Mentioning Some Politicians who have political differences with Makinde and claimed it was because they were Muslims indicates mischief on the part of the writer because the like of Elder Wole Oyelese, Engr Femi Babalola and Hon Abioye just to mention a few who are Christians who also have political differences with GSM were not mentioned. This is nothing but mischief. ,Today, Otunba Iyiola Omisore is APC National Secretary with Asiwaju Tinubu as President-elect. Let’s leave Politics for Politicians.

2)On Calling Deputy Governor a Non-Muslim . it is against the strong Hadith and Sharia that when a Man says he is a Muslim Noone has the right to say He is not. The new Deputy Gov, Bar AbdulRaheem Bayo Lawal has said it repeatedly that he is a Muslim And Alhaji Kunle Sanni Confirmed Bar Lawal is a Muslim at 2022 Hijrah day celebration at Liberty Stadium that he has known Deputy Governor for almost 40 years. He has Mosque in his House. Takulaha.


3)On Replacement of Senator Kola Balogun.
The clamour by Party men and women that the Man has not performed to expectations denied The Senator the ticket for a second term. Meanwhile, did those who cried over his replacement thank GSM when He singlehandedly begged Chief Mikail Bayo Lawal to resigned as party Candidate after Chief Mikail Was elected as Senatorial Candidate in 2018 . Senator Kola Balogun also benefitted from Replacement as he was brought to PDP during coalition He was heavily financed to win the election by GSM. None of the people using this as a cheap political point thank Him for that benevolence till today. It was lack of support from the party men and women that denied Senator Kola Balogun the ticket not GSM. This is not new. Asiwaju listened to the cry of his party men and women and stopped Gov Ambode second term ambition.

4) On being Insensitive to Religion Balance on appointments. This is most baseless and ridiculous lies ever told in the history of oyo state Politics. Not looking at the whole scope and just picking what soothes your mischievous Objective is against the tenets of Islam which the foundation is based on nothing but the Truth and the whole truth.
There are 22 Cabinet members 11 apiece for Christians and Muslim respectively and on the Board of three Statutory Boards are headed by mostly Muslims.
Civil service commission headed By Alhaji Aderibigbe, House of Assembly headed by Dr Abdu Wasii Daud, OYSIEC headed by Bar Isiak Olagunju, Judiciary Sevice Commission by the CJ and Audit Commission by Mr Okediji. In all these five, 3 are headed by Muslims while 2 are Christians. I need to point out that out of 33 LG Chairmen 23 are Muslims and 10 are Christians. Nobody has ever thank GSM for this. Suffice to say Accountant General of the state is a Strong Muslim.

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5)On Bringing Kolenda to Oyo state.
Saying Pastor Kolenda was brought in by GSM is another baseless allegation. Does GSM issue visa. The Answer is no. Before GSM became Governor international Evangelists had been coming to Nigeria. Reinhard Bonke, Pope and others have all visited Nigeria before GSM became Governor. Did anyone thank GSM when Islamic Scholars visited Nigeria from Saudi Arabia to attend international Workshop for Islamic Scholars across the Country and GSM was the only Governor who gave them befitting reception in all Political Zones they visited in Nigeria. Dr Adebolu and Prof Wale Abass of University of Ibadan are witnesses.

6) On Lawyers who died while waiting for promotions to the bench.
We should desist from using the dead to play Politics. the harrowing incidents that GSM denied Muslim Justices opportunities until they died is pathetic. How can we assume human beings have power of life and death. It is shrik to say that . May Allah forgive us. Nobody likes that they died one after the other and GSM said of what benefit is it for him if they died. We will not dwell on the departed. May ALLAH SWT continue to shower his mercy on their respective families.

7) On putting Bibilical Questions for Muslims to answer during Recruitment CBT.
Consultant in Collaboration with TESCOM conducted the test. who they hired was not recommended by the Governor nor his office. The mistake was not deliberately designed against Muslims. CBT has a Question Bank where it automatically picks at random Questions each candidate will answer. Some Christians also answered Arabic. Merit is uphold here. Are they saying no Muslim was employed? the answer is NO.

8) On Appointments of ES. Its glaring that they chose to mention this allegation because of names on Certificate or name submitted. This is misleading because in this government I have seen a Daud who is a Christian and A Juliana who is a Muslim. Among the ES a lady that was counted as Christian from Itesiwaju LG is an Ijabite and she was nominated by a Christian. It is Party Leaders across the state that nominated ES and they submitted to A strong Muslim who also Heads SUBEB, Dr Nureni Adeniran. There are more Opportunities given to Muslims at higher levels than Christians. The Commissioner for Education is A Muslim and SUBEB Chairman is a Muslim. Nobody mentioned that.

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9) On denying Muslim Maoulud Nabiy. This is far from truth. Maolud Nabiyi Is a National Holiday. Why would he not allow Maolud Nabiy.

10) On Choosing Muslim Holiday for National Evaluation Exercise. This is National Evaluation Exercise and not restricted to Oyo state. It was intervention of the GSM that stopped the exercise for Muslims to enjoy the holiday.

11) On Appointing CAN chairman as TESCOM Chairman. I do not know when Chief Akin Alamu an Aliance for Democracy state Chairman became CAN Chairman. What was complained about by Alhaji Kunle Sanni when Governor hosted Muslim Leaders during Ramadan Iftar was He wanted Mrs Oderinde removed as PS for TESCOM .Pronto Governor Granted it and replaced her with Dr Bashir Olanrewaju. This action of GSM was applauded Publicly by Alhaji Kunle Sanni at 2022 Hijra day. He said if he was appointed as PS Tescom he would not perform better than Dr Olanrewaju . He passed absolute confidence on Governor’s appointee.

We want to appeal to our Muslim Brothers to desist from heating the polity and not destroy what binds us together. Islam is religion of Peace.It is important to also say that peddling lies and fiction to brainwash and hoodwink unsuspecting members of the Public is not the way to go. We should uphold the truth at anytime as Our noble Prophet enjoins us to say the truth no matter how bitter. Both Lagos and Ogun states Muslim Communities have endorsed Both Christian Governors for Second term. We have strong conviction that majority of Muslim across the state are behind GSM with their votes and Prayers.

Ma sallam

Concerned Muslims in Oyo state

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