How Alaafin Reunites 2 Kidnapped School Pupils Found in Oyo With Families in Abeokuta

The Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III has reunited two secondary school pupils who were kidnapped in Agbado in Ogun State with their families.

The school girls while narrating their experience when they asked how they got to Oyo narrated how a three- man gang of kidnappers on Friday abducted the two of them on theway to their school, Odewale Community High School, Ojurin Agbado in Ogun State.

The girls Zainab Rafiu (18), and Kehinde Adeogun (16) were said to be walking to school on the ill fated day when a strange vehicle suddenly parked beside them and ordered them to enter the car with AK 47 rifles.

The girls were not able to explain how they found themselves in Oyo from the road to their school.

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The kidnappers spoke Yoruba and on getting to the forest tied the abducted pupils separately with ropes after which they left them and went away.

Before leaving, one of the kidnappers speaking in Yoruba said “that their lives will soon end inside the bush”. Kehinde, one of the abducted pupils struggled to untie herself with her teeth, after which she untied her her friend.

They immediately fled and without knowing where they were going for over two hours inside the thick forest. The two kidnapped secondary school girls eventually got to a main road unknown to them. Upon enquiry from passersby, they were told the road was an expressway in Oyo town.

Respite came the way of Kehinde because she is an indigenes of Oyo, but does not know how she could locate the family’s house. They saw a food vendor’s shop and stopped over, where Kehinde requested for a mobile phone to contact her parents in Abeokuta and to let them know their whereabout.

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Out of sympathy for the abducted pupils’ story, the food vendor released her phone to Kehinde who called both her parents and that of her friend. The father of Kehinde responded by sending a number which his daughter would call in the town who can come to their aid.

Alhaji Ogunsola rushed to where the abducted girls were and took them to the Palace of the Alaafin of Oyo to report the strange event which had happened to the kidnapped students.

When the information reached the Alaafin, he immediately directed that the Directorate of State Security Service ( DSS) be informed immediately, while the abducted children be given food, a place to refresh and medical attention given the traumatic experience they had in the hands of the kidnappers.

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Narrating their experiences to the Alaafin’s Media team, both girls said the abductors carried two AK-47 rifles when they were being taken into the thick bush into the hands of possibly ritualists, kidnappers and death merchants.

As at the time of filing this report, the younger brother to Kehinde’s father, Quasim Wasiu had arrived the ancient Palace of the Alaafin from Agbado crossing in Ogun State to receive Kehinde Adeogun, along with the 78 year old Pa Samuel Adebanjo Adeogun.


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