LAUTECH Don calls for funding of Agricultural Research and Mainstream Gender

A researcher of Agricultural extension and rural development from the Oyo state-owned Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso; Prof. Esther Omolabake Okunade has urged the Government to invest heavily in agricultural research and mainstream gender.

Prof. Esther Okunade made this known while delivering the 41st Inaugural Lecture of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology titled, ” Synergy: Not Property: Way out to sustainable Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.”

She opined that the government could mainstream gender equality in agriculture by encouraging the sustainability of female farmers by increasing the allotment of female farmers with small holdings and providing subsidized farming inputs along with innovative communication technology.

She also advocated for the active participation of men and women in agriculture in order for the nation to experience absolute development in agriculture.

Prof. Okunade further hinted that developmental strategy should be designed to accommodate all gender stating that; “Development that is not engendered would be endangered, equal voices and recognition must be given to each of the genders as major stakeholders in the developmental process and implementation of programmes.”

She emphasized that the African culture syndrome has made the contribution of women to development especially in areas of agriculture unrecognized, adding that portraying men as the only stakeholder in agriculture would keep the industry undeveloped.

The LAUTECH Don stated that the contribution of women in agricultural development will ultimately serve as a motivating factor for others and maintained that synergy is the answer if women are recognized and encouraged to work in concert with their male counterparts, even in agricultural practices.

She charged leaders to rise and come up with agricultural policies that would mainstream gender (equal attention to both sexes involved) in order for all to display their potential in building the Nigerian economy. To round up her statement, she admonished the government to engender the Nigerian agriculture space and desist from endangering it.

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