Okere of Saki bags Honorary Doctorate Degree

The Okere of Saki, Oba Khalid Oyeniyi Olabisi III, has been awarded an honorary Doctorate by the Institute Supérieur Bilingue Libre du Togo (IBLT).

According to reports, the monarch who is the current Vice Chairman of the Oyo State Council of Obas received the honor for his exceptional talents and philanthropic works.

In response to the honor, the monarch urged other royal fathers to continue spreading the kind of togetherness that leads to progress and development, emphasizing that royal fathers play an important role in guaranteeing unity in the country as stewards of the people’s tradition and culture.

He also urged the graduating students to be engaged and productive in their various disciplines.

“Now is the time to stay involved in your enterprises and professions, as well as plan for life after retirement.

You are a youth because you are energetic and can make a significant contribution to the community’s and country’s development. “Do not sit down to inflict misery and havoc on others,” he counseled.

The Okere of Saki emphasized the significance of the honor to his ancestors, who had strong ties to francophone countries throughout the West African subregion.

The king advised adolescents to specialize, stay focused, and progress, describing them as the engine of growth and development.

“Being young is not a profession. Some people think that when you are a miscreant and exhibit the notorious actions that you are a youth. But that is wrong.”

Being youthful, he said, “is to be productive at a young age and not to be misused or indulge in all forms of crimes and delinquencies.”

Oba Khalid Olabisi, according to IBLT Secretary General Akakpo Ablamvi Abraham, is an exceptional traditional ruler and a renowned philanthropist who has contributed greatly to the development of not only his realm but also the country.

Abraham expressed his pleasure with Saki town’s calm climate, asking that other towns and communities would learn from Oba Kahlid and cultivate peace in their respective domains.

The Institut Superieur Bilingue Libre du Togo (IBLT) was founded in 2010 with the goal of assisting African countries in achieving their desired outcomes through technical and professional training and scientific research.

For many years, disparities have been generated by gaps in teaching language and educational policies, which have functioned as impediments to intellectual advancement and African integration.
IBLT is bridging the gap by offering English-speaking instruction programs.

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