Oyo Govt and IITA BIP-GoSeed at the Fasola Agribusiness Industrial Hub

The partnership between the Oyo State Government and IITA BIP-GoSeed at the Fasola Agribusiness Industrial Hub has yielded a huge harvest. Oyo State, through the Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA), partnered with IITA BIP-GoSeed to grow early-generation generative (soybeans, cowpea and maize) seeds and vegetative cassava stems to solve the productivity issues associated with crop cultivation in the State.

Last week, harvesting of the cassava stems began, and the results so far show a yield of at least 10,000 bundles of cassava stems from the 40-hectare pilot marking a significant milestone in the journey towards food security in Oyo State.

This journey began in August 2023 with seedlings raised in the Semi-Autotrophic Hydroponics facility at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA). In August/September 2023, the mother plants were released to the multiplication fields at the Fasola Agribusiness Industrial Hub.

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Fast-forward nine months, and the first harvest is coming in. It is projected that improved varieties such as Obasanjo-2, Game Changer, Baba70, TME419, Ayaya, Dixon, and Farmer’s Pride produce an average of at least 20 tonnes per hectare of cassava roots, which is two to three times the yield of other varieties.

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Thus, this project represents a significant step towards ensuring food security in Oyo State. The Government is poised to support farmers with these first-generation cassava stems to enhance the overall agricultural output. In fact, registered farmers benefiting from the Oyo-CARES programme are assured of receiving these improved varieties during the upcoming input distribution.

Beyond that, this first-of-its-kind project in Nigeria is attracting both public and private industry players who are looking to replicate the seed production models in other regions and countries. By leveraging innovative agricultural techniques and high-quality seeds, OYSADA is setting a strong foundation for future growth and stability in the sector.

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We will continue to provide further updates as to how this strategic partnership between the Oyo State Government and IITA BIP-GoSeed is moving the State towards achieving sustainable food security with high-yield improved varieties.


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