Guardian Newspapers name Laja Adeoye as #Top50NigerianCEO2023

Laja Adeoye, the Group Managing Director and CEO of Fendini, a prominent Real Estate company, has been honored by The Guardian Newspapers as one of Nigeria’s top 50 CEOs in 2023. The recognition highlights his leadership amid economic challenges, acknowledging his effective management and commitment to organizational goals.

A Nigerian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Adeoye holds a Double Honor Degree from the University of Lagos, also in professional Master degree programme in Real Estate Development from LeadCity University, and has undergone diverse training in management, marketing, and business development. His career journey includes roles in the Petroleum and Banking sectors, with over a decade in FT and Retail Marketing.

A founding Chairman of Adwood Communications Limited, Fendini Homes, and Alphabetia Nigeria Limited, Adeoye extends his influence beyond business. As a philanthropist and politician, he established the Laja Adeoye Foundation (LAF), focusing on education, healthcare, and social interventions for the less privileged.

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In the 2023 elections, Adeoye contested for House of Representatives primaries, advocating for Oshodi Isolo Federal constituency 2 in Lagos under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). His foundation empowers constituents through initiatives like providing entrepreneurship kits.

Fendini Homes, Adeoye’s flagship company, is a leading Real Estate Development and Marketing entity, actively involved in joint ventures and investment projects across Nigeria. Notably, the company is developing the Rayfield Gardens City Estate in Ibadan, Oyo State, featuring 400 units of modern Bungalows, Duplexes, and Terraces, along with a commercial wing hosting various amenities—a groundbreaking project in Oyo State, calling for additional subscribers and investors.


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