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Oyo Set to Host Maiden Yoruba Cultural Festival in December

Oyo to Host Maiden Yoruba Cultural Festival

Yoruba Cultural Festival

In memory of Alaafin Oba Lamidi Atanda Adéyemí, Oyo town will be hosting the first edition of the Yoruba Cultural Festival.

The Yoruba Cultural festival will hold between the 21st – 27th of December, 2022 at Durbar Stadium Oyo, Oyo Alaafin.

According to the organisers, some of the performances include:

  1. Ewi (Yoruba traditional chanting)
  2. Ijo (Yoruba Dance)
  3. Ilu (Traditional talking drum)
  4. Ijala (Traditional hunter’s panegyrics)
  5. Juju Music
  6. Fuji Music
  7. Stand-up comedians
  8. Drama (Stage plays and skits)
  9. Oriki (Yoruba chantings)
  10. Owe (Yoruba proverbs)
  11. Iroyin kayefi (Gunny folktale news)
  12. Aso ofi (Traditional attire)
  13. Ileke (Beads)
  14. Irun Didi (Yoruba Hairdressing and styling)
  15. Igbafinfin (Calabash carving)
  16. Agbede (Blacksmithing)
  17. Ounje (Yoruba foods)
  18. Apala songs (Traditional singing)
  19. Sekere with cowries (Gourd cowries)
  20. Iya ilu (Traditional talking drum)
  21. Bata drum (Traditional Sango drum)
  22. Film and Documentary
  23. Igbatiti (Gourd playing)

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