“Save us from Impending Danger” – Residents Call on Govt to Prevent Repeat of Explosion in Akobo

Akobo residents have called on the Oyo State government to prevent a repeat of the tragic explosion that occurred in Bodija estate. The explosion, which took place on Tuesday, has prompted residents to seek urgent intervention from the government and other stakeholders.

According to Olalekan Thanni, Chairman of the Kolapo Ishola Residents’ Association, and Otunba Jimi Bolusire, Vice Chairman of the Carlton Gate Residents’ Association, the situation in their area is a ticking time bomb. They expressed concerns about the close proximity of gas and petrol stations to schools, churches, and residential communities.

In a communique issued after a meeting of landlords in the area, the residents highlighted the potential danger posed by the current setup and called for regulatory approvals to be reviewed. They specifically urged the government to address the operation of a Gas Tank Farm near Valencia Schools and various churches, as well as the relocation of the Gas Tank Farm from their communities.

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The residents emphasized the need for a review of environmental impact assessments and approvals given to gas and fuel facilities within their corridor. They stressed the importance of safeguarding the safety of lives and properties in their communities.

“Within a distance less than 1 km, we have numerous Gas Plants, Gas Tank Farm and Fuel Stations domiciled in very close proximity to Schools, Churches and Residential Communities within the corridor – this constitutes a clear and present danger and a ticking time bomb.

“Specifically, we have a Gas Tank Farm which is less than 5 meters to Valencia School and opposite Mercy Land Fuel Station. This Gas Tank Farm has Gas filled Trucks parked with a Mechanic Village close by where sparks from Welding activities can ignite a devastating explosion accompanied by fireballs.

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“Following the meeting held, we have reached the following decisions:

“We specifically call on the Government to address the Gas Tank Farm operated by Gas Land which is near Valencia Schools, various Churches such as Cherubim and Seraphim church, New Covenant church, RCCG and St Luke’s church) and numerous Residential Communities along this corridor.

“Residents would require a review of the Environment Impact Assessment (E.I.A) and approval given to the owners of Gas Plants, Gas Tank Farms and Fuel Stations within our corridor.

“We call on the Oyo State Government to urgently and Regulatory approvals in-order to avoid a repeat of the tragic events at Bodija which led to the loss of lives and properties.

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“Residents call on the Government and relevant agencies to review the violation of DPR guidelines and Regulatory approvals in the establishment of Fuel and Gas Facilities within Residential Communities and Public places.

“It is imperative therefore that within the shortest possible time, the Gas Tank Farm be relocated from our communities as it portends potential future explosions.

“Residents will continue to review the safety and security landscape of the Cummunities along General Gas to Iyana Church corridor to guarantee and safeguard the safety of lives and properties.”


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