We will Retrieve Embezzled Oyo State Funds – Governor Makinde

The Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, has declared that his administration was prepared to recoup the billions of the state’s funds looted by officials of the previous administration.

The governor, who made this known while kick-starting the construction of the 21km Ajia-Airport-New Ife Expressway road, in Ajia town, ascertained that his administration will do whatever it takes to recover funds belonging to the state and will use the EFCC to retrieve such stolen funds for the purpose of infrastructure development.

While responding to criticisms concerning the N100 billion bond issuance by the state, the Governor stated that: “I heard somebody criticizing us on the radio concerning the N100 billion bond and was of the opinion that this administration wants to put the state in debt. I think our people need to start telling them that Governor Makinde is not like that.”

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According to the Governor, unlike the previous government, which, he said, preoccupied itself with how to corner state’s funds on a daily basis, his administration would drastically reduce the infrastructure deficit in the state within the shortest possible time. He added that it’s only in doing so that the state can be positioned on the path of economic growth.

“For the period of eight years they spent in the office, they were occupied
with how to corner N1 Billion monthly into their private pockets every day they went to the office.

“They spent 96 months in office, that means they have Oyo State’s N96 billion with them. We will retrieve every fund that belongs to Oyo people for the purpose of infrastructure development.

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“So, tell them that the EFCC of Oyo State is coming for them. I want to assure you that we will retrieve the stolen money of the state from them and use the funds to build infrastructures like this, ” he said.

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