Hon. Stanley speaks from self-isolation, commends the work of Governor Makinde in this pandemic

Print version: The telephone interview session with Hon. Adedeji Stanley Olajide by Isaac Brown on COVID-19 Situation Room Fresh FM 105.9. On 31st March 2020.

Isaac Brown… Good morning sir

HON OLAJIDE… Good morning Issac Brown how are you?

Isaac Brown… fine thank you sir

Isaac Brown.. I was told that you were hoping to join us in the state , but unfortunately you got locked down in Lagos now.

HON OLAJIDE … Well.. I think the whole situation is very unfortunate, the way everything was done….. had to quickly dashed out, ….. and went to be in isolation in a place where I can easily come home immediately after the 14 days isolation, that’s why I picked the strategic position in Lagos.

Isaac Brown… Have you been able to reach out to your governor as regards being tested positive?….

HON OLAJIDE…. Yeah… first of all it is very sober mood that I am in making this speech, it hurts greatly that you find somebody you really love in a situation like that, for we wish our Governor a quick recovery.
I have sent him messages and I have also called to speak with him and he’s in good spirit & am sure he’s going to come out very strong.

Isaac Brown… In terms of your own gesture to area helping Nigerians, the reps generally what are those initiatives from your end?

HON OLAJIDE… Thank you for the question…. the leadership already a meeting and we all agreed that we should contribute our salary for the next two months (full salary).
I think we are going to give up our full salary this month and next month to help our people in this whole struggle and I think it’s a very good development I AM UP FOR IT.

Isaac Brown… Talking about home here…. people are hurting… businesses are standstill, what are your plans for the people of Ibadan Northwest/ Southwest Federal Constituency?…

HON OLAJIDE… I think the first step we started up with a campaign, because usually when you have a situation like this you need to EDUCATE your people and you need to awake their awareness, which I think we started from last week and making that general campaign……, a lot of people have been doing sanitizer, and basically, to me I don’t think we all should be doing something, so there are palliatives that I believe strongly in because if we are going to keep our people at home, we have to provide food for them, so we are going to have food incentives that we are going to provide for our people, in the next few days you will see a whole lot of coverage on that, and also in addition to that, the best way to prevent this thing is for our people to continue to wash their hands, so we do know that not every households have water, and am going to provide a number on this radio this morning that any area that is having water shortage….. because there are situations somewhere…. their pumping machine is not working or may be the borehole has packed up you can CALL a number which am going to out now 08033712783 CALL that number ODIDI-OMO WATER TANKER will come to your area and supply water.

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Isaac Brown… Does that cover only Northwest/ Southwest Federal Constituency?.

HON OLAJIDE… For now Yes, we have some other areas that basically we have to extend our hands of good gesture to, we will but for now my focus is on Ibadan Northwest/ Southwest.

Isaac Brown.. So you are trying to aid government distribution of cleaning ness, hygienic condition and atmospheric by rolling out tankers?.


Isaac Brown… Quite Noble! Quite Noble!!.

HON OLAJIDE …… well…. let me also say this, I also must use this opportunity to commend the work of our Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde in all his effort in this pandemic, he is doing an excellent job & we are proud of him, and also, we encourage him to continue while he’s recovering.
I know he is a hard man, he can run this marathon and everything will be okay, so we commend all the good work he’s doing, by to compliment what he’s doing is why I am rolling out these water tanker and food initiative to ease the burden on our people.

Isaac Brown… Your name came up yesterday Dr. Kola Balogun Senator representing Oyo south said you are amongs the reps making a case for Oyo to be captured by the federal government in this COVID-19 initiatives of the federal government. You want to shed more light on it?.

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HON OLAJIDE … Yes.. we are going to write a letter, you can call it petition, you can call it complain you can call it anything, I mean we are going to write a very strong worded letter to actually make our position known, that issue does not stop only in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun that Oyo should have been called as well.
I mean we are not pleased with that, we are going to make our voice known, …..I am going to make the effort to make sure…..
Also, the chairman house committee on health… I have spoken to him and he understands my grief, so we are going to make our position known and we believe they will retract their steps on that.

Isaac Brown.. The controversy on either to lockdown or not lockdown, the governor here is a little bit circumspect, I guess may be he’s still looking at numbers and the likely fallouts but he has said it’s an option that is on the table, where do you stand?.

HON OLAJIDE … Well… first of all there is no single solution for the pandemic, there is no one pearl that will solve the problem, everybody is looking, and politics is local and even pandemic situation, you know when you are dealing with urban area is different from when you are dealing with rural area, so what works in the urban area might not work in the rural area, so you have States that are basically urban area and you have states that are basically more of rural area, so I support what the governor is doing, you know if you tell everybody 100% stay at home……, two things you have to understand is majority of our people lives from hand to mouth, daily pay is what a lot of people live on, so how can we…….?
So when we don’t have all the money in place to support them, how are we going to do that?, are we just going out o tell them to go home and die at home?, so, there is no single solution I support what the governor is doing and if he deems fit that everyone should stay home I will support that as well but for now I 100% support his position.

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