Oyo 2023: Headway For Makinde As Thousands Of Igede Women Endorses 2nd Term Bid

The reelection bid of Engr Seyi Makinde gained a major heads up yesterday as the women wing of Igede community resident in Oyo state have unanimously declared their support for the second term reelection bid of the incumbent Governor of Oyo state, Engr Seyi Makinde.

The over two thousand Igede women from Benue state resident in Oyo state said Governor Seyi Makinde has rekindled the hope of the common man who has nobody in high offices nor connection with the political elites to pursue their dreams in the state.

The one day event, co-hosted by the Igede Women Wing Association, Oyo state chapter and the Office of Interfaith Affairs was well attended by various sociopolitical ethnic organizations based in Oyo state including the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Arewa, and Igala Communities, Friends Of Seyi Makinde Sociopolitical Group, representatives of the Olubadan of Ibadanland, as well as other top politicians and government functionaries including Reverend Idowu Ogedengbe, amongst others, who prayed fervently for Governor Makinde and his successful reelection for a second term come next year.

The Benue community of Igede women who span from all walks of lives in different profession and occupation made the declaration on Saturday November 12 at a special Thanksgiving and Prayer session for the governor in Ibadan, the state capital.

The State Coordinator of the Igede Women, Honourable (Mrs) Mary Okiri, who is also a Special Assistant to Governor Seyi Makinde, in her welcome address expressed gratitude to God for sending Makinde to Oyo state in 2019 like the Biblical Moses.

She maintained that the Igede community resident in Oyo state has so long being denied its due recognition and honour insisting that successive governments have only leveraged on the numeric strength of the Igede community spread across the state only for political gains during electioneering periods.

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Addressing journalists at the event, Hon. Okiri said, “we’re here because of Governor Seyi Makinde and to put him before our God in prayers as we begin a collective match for his reelection campaign. We believe he’s God’s own project and we have absolute trust in his leadership that is why we want and demand for continuity till 2027.

“As you can see our women are here to tell you how serious this is. The women you see here leaders and representatives of our women from various zones in the state. The women alone are well over two thousand. We are not talking about our men and youths who have massively collected their PVCs and waiting for 2023 to be here.

“We, the Igede people especially the women, believe that leadership is about service in the interest of public good. We also believe that service to the people requires selflessness and Seyi Makinde represents a selfless leader. One good term deserves another. And if government is entirely about the people, then anybody working against Seyi Makinde for another term is not only selfish but also represent anti Oyo elements.”

The Special Assistant on Interfaith Affairs to the Oyo state Governor, Pastor Olufemi Ibikunle, while addressing the gathering said Governor Seyi Makinde passion for the masses as a sitting Governor and as a political leader remain Unrivaled stressing that the selfless and purposeful leadership of the present government in the state has rekindled the hope of the common man.

“We are all gathered here today to raise an alter of prayer before God who gives power to whoever He wishes and has in His infinite grace bestowed upon Governor Makinde. The Igede women wing comprising of over two thousand women have unanimously declared their support for the reelection of Governor Makinde come 2023 because this is the first time the state is witnessing an all inclusive governance.

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“Some believe in their diabolic ways, some believe in concocting enchantments, some even believe that they can change God’s own project in the lives of mankind but as for us, we believe in God Almighty who can even make a slave to become king. Every other thing is an addition, our primary purpose here today is to accept the endorsement of the Igede women and to raise an alter of prayer for Governor Seyi Makinde towards his second term agenda.” Pastor Ibikunle stated.

The Keynote Speaker at the event, Honourable Olufemi Josiah who is the Special Assistant on Community Relation to Governor Makinde, while speaking at the event commended the Igede women wing for openly embracing and endorsing Governor Makinde for another term.

He maintained that the Igede community is a dependable and reliable ethnic stock in the state whose words of assurances readily translates to bond as evident prior to the 2019 governorship election assuring that Governor Makinde will use his second term to concretize his engineering of a modern Oyo state where the son of a nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody.

“The chicken is sweating but because of the feathers covering the chicken you may not see the sweats. When your friend hasn’t brought reward to you, you may not know for a fact if he’s doing your bidding or not. So, we believe that what’s happening here today is a testament to the cordial and harmonious relationship between the Igede community and the government of Seyi Makinde.

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“If there’s any political support group that is so dependable that I can go to sleep without any atom of doubt once they give me their words on a political movement, it is the Igede community, because in 2019 when we started, you gave us all the support we needed without collecting a dime from us and I remember what your leaders told us then that back home in Benue state, you’re PDP so, you won’t do otherwise outside of Benue state.

“Oyo state is already your home as well, because many of you have given birth to children here in Oyo state, schooled and still schooling here, married and working here, and are living your lives enjoyably here. Some of you seated here are even born here and I can tell you for sure, that we have been together on this journey and we will continue to be together especially as we forge a common front to reelect Governor Seyi Makinde come 2023.” Josiah said.

In his vote of thanks, the traditional leader of Igede community in Oyo state, HRH, Onda Monday Eyi commended Governor Makinde for running and open and all inclusive government devoid of discrimination on account of ethnicity or religion saying Oyo state has witnessed tremendous transformation and development in the last three and half years while assuring Makinde of the continuous support of the Igede community in the state.


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