Oyo LP Guber Candidate, Tawfiq Akinwale, Leaves Party

The 2023 Oyo State gubernatorial candidate for the Labour Party, Tawfiq Akinwale, has dumped the party.

Akinwale stated that he made this decision after careful observation of a misalignment between his personal ideology and the direction taken by the LP in Oyo State.

He further explained that LP’s evolving policies and values no longer align with the core beliefs upon which it was formed and his vision for Oyo State.

Although he did not reveal his next political destination, it should be noted that all states have lodges in Abuja that could assist Oyo State in saving money when government officials visit the capital.

The statement reads in part “After careful consideration and reflection, Hon. Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale, the former governorship candidate of Labour Party in Oyo State in the recent elections, has made the decision to leave the party.

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“This decision comes as a result of recognizing a significant misalignment between Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale’s personal ideology and the direction taken by the Labour Party in Oyo State.

“Having actively participated in the electoral process as the party’s candidate, Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale deeply respects the democratic ideals and principles that underpin our political landscape.

“Throughout the campaign and subsequent discussions, it became apparent that the evolving policies and values of Labour Party no longer resonate with the core beliefs upon which it was formed and Akinwale’s vision for Oyo State.

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“While Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale appreciates the support and dedication shown by party members and supporters during the election campaign, an unwavering commitment to personal integrity and alignment with one’s principles has led to this decision. It is essential to adhere to a clear ideological path that represents the best interests of the citizens and fosters the development and progress of Oyo State.

“Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale remains dedicated to public service and the betterment of Oyo State. In light of this departure from the Labour Party, Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale intends to explore new avenues that embrace Akinwale’s ideological convictions and provide a platform to effect positive change. The goal is to find a political home where shared values and principles align with the vision of a prosperous and inclusive Oyo State.

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“The journey towards finding the right ideological match continues, and Akinwale remains committed to the betterment of Oyo State and its citizens. Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale expresses gratitude to the voters, campaign team, and supporters who believed in the cause and contributed to the democratic process during the elections.

“Thank you for all the love shown, soon we will make a decision and you shall be part of it, together we can!”


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